How to ship code faster using continuous integration and delivery

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Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) are software development practices that improve speed and safety. CircleCI is a CI/CD platform that helps developers ship code quickly and confidently. Join their Developer Advocate, Alek Sharma, as he explains:

0:00 – What Continuous Integration Is
1:45 – Why It’s Great
3:45 – How to Set It Up w/ CircleCI and GitHub
15:29 – What About Continuous Delivery and Deployment?

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Breakpoint

    is continuous delivery also involve having no down time between deployments as well?

  2. Cody B

    Alek I’m working with 2.0 and trying to figure out how I would cache global installs? I only really should run yarn global add now one time and then cache that for future use. Then I would have node_modules/bin/now available and would not run into he error message now: command not found, the next time the deployment job runs. Searched the docs and issues but I’ve only found stuff pertaining to 1.0 for global caching.

  3. Moses Kurniawan

    Hello, noob here. Often using git just for basic commit and pushes. I do branches, too, and I am now have a chance to getting know about CI. After watching the video above, what I understand is (if I am going to implement this with my team) from Alex doing from live demo there, the system will do syntax and file path checking (or something else I did not know). Lets say my and my whole team always writing our code syntax correctly, or target files are exist, would it means the build will always passing? Thanks.

  4. momonala

    You kinda sound like Mark Zuckerberg…

  5. utubewatcher806

    How does github resolve conflicts where source code modules are needing changes from two or more projects? and, secure modules from intentional or accidental damages?

  6. Bobby Pratama

    Literally search the whole internet to find explanation about CI, Cdeliery, and Cdevelopment but i couldn't find something that makes me understand.. But this video explain it very clear, thankyou 🙂

  7. Multitudes

    Good intro, but the volume is so low especially after the second half.. like he is whispering, can barely hear him with the volume turned to max!

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