How to Speed Up Windows 10 for Gaming [2020] – VERY EASY GUIDE

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Want to know how you can speed up your computer? Or more exactly, how you can speed up Windows 10 for gaming?

Then follow our extremely easy guide on how to do exactly that!
Get instant FPS boost and faster loading times in all your games.

0:00 Intro
1:11 Boot Time
2:22 Irrelevant Software
3:32 Registry
4:41 Defragmenting
6:11 Malware
7:51 Reinstalling Windows
9:18 Intro to Hardware Problems
9:51 Hardware Problems: HDD
10:07 Hardware Problems: Motherboard
10:25 Hardware Problems: CPU
10:37 Hardware Problems: RAM
10:58 Hardware Problems: Power Supply
11:14 Hardware Problems: GPU


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  1. Km Mm

    Very helpful. I bookmarked it! Thanks for doing this video!

  2. SwiftBlade4

    I tried almost all of these tips and Minecraft and Destiny 2 are still unplayable. Minecraft freezes every 2 seconds and Destiny 2 runs super slow even with all of the settings turned down to the lowest setting. I think it's just my hardware. That's what a $500 2016 computer gets you.

  3. Lucas White

    I'm a linux mint guy but the lack of good games is killing me

  4. Able Don

    Very helpful thanks and you sound hot xP

  5. monkeymentality

    you deserve a medal! THANK YOU SO MUCH! now i can play with 65+ fps

  6. F L U X

    What if you use a SSD AND HDD? Should you still defrag?

  7. Johny40Se7en

    Up until now I had absolutely no idea how the spinning sort of hard drives get fragmented =P

    Thank you, this is very handy. Oh yeah and about 10:10 I haven't seen a motherboard that old in years, look at the angle those ram sticks are plugged in hahaa.

  8. Are you use CCleaner or playing games? For me programs or Windows mostly required changes in registry. Antyviruses have a lots of problems. I do not understand why it is viruses sometimes.
    What is cooling system?

  9. King Roadman

    all thanks to GamingScan my computer has really good performance and now i can enjoy games, watch youtube and do work. i will teach others with this method and possibly do this as a Job. thanks again

  10. DkYr

    finally i can watch youtube videos with my windows 10 pro 6 gb ram without lagging


    don't defrag your ssd as it helps kill it

  12. Zaggo

    registry cleaners are harmful programs. typically, leftover registry files aren't "just junk", but are actually there so the apps that rely on the deleted programs dont break. the registry files left over make sure the programs keep running correctly.

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