How to Speed Up Your Computer Windows 10

Follow these quick tips to make your Windows 10 PC much faster! Say bye to a slow computer and say hello to a faster computer!

Learn how to make sure your computer has all the latest updates and drivers. Check your CPU, memory, and disk usage. See what processes and programs cause your computer to slow down. Stop programs and apps from starting when you boot Windows. Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows to optimize for speed. Learn how to uninstall apps your no longer use and how to move photos and videos off your primary hard drive. See how to take advantage of ready boot, an inexpensive way to place important system files on a solid state drive. Lastly, learn about how to protect your computer from viruses and malware.

Please leave a comment if you have any other tips or tricks that I didn’t cover in this video.

As a disclaimer, I work at Microsoft as a full-time employee.



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  1. R1otTM

    i did not know this thanks for the video

  2. Keith

    Do you have any tips for speeding up my Commodore 64 ? Great Vid, I subbed.

  3. dZh

    Unnderated channel

  4. thank you for being genuine , there are so many people on YouTube claiming that they can make your computer better but they actually do more harm than good , keep up the great work , and a great big thumbs up buddy your a star 🙂

  5. Mary Cooper

    What if you dont see cdrive under file explorer? I clicked all the icons and they dont give me a icon/ percentage like you have.

  6. Shajjad Hossain

    Your video tutorial is very good . but your video not clear …….. please next time send you clear video. Thank you

  7. maal159

    cannot believe I had not watched this video yet. This very type of content is much appreciated Kevin. May be we can see more of these ones, with updates and more PC software / hardware basic to medium level of knowledge, fostering our self-sufficiency. Thanks!

  8. Abdullah E

    Hey there Kevin

    Could you make an updated video on this topic

  9. Filippo Iguera

    Hi Kevin! I have an 8GB RAM, but I would really like to expand it since I am always full there (92-96%). Unfortunately, my laptop has a non-expandable RAM, so I am considering Readyboost.
    Which Pendrive/SSD do you think works best? What would you suggest to me for that? I would really appreciate your videos, and I watch all of them.
    I can only use an USB-C portal now
    Can I use an SD card for that?

  10. Geh Memories

    ya..thanks for the tip..i will uninstall a lot of unwanted programs from adobe which i don't use…thank you….👍

  11. Keith Dennis

    I've learned a lot by watching this video! At about 10 minutes into the video, you were talking about the Apps and Features page, and about how one can select "sort by size" feature; that is an absolutely great way of seeing quickly the applications that have the greatest impact. I was completely unaware that one could do so. Anyway, after I sorted the apps, down toward the bottom of the list, I noticed a bunch of features called "Microsoft Visual C++ along with different years. In my case, two say 2013 Redistributable, one says 2012 Redistrubutable, another says 2017 Redistributable and there are several more going back to 2008 and 2010. My question is: Are these apps still important or relevant? While they don't take up very much space, nevertheless to me, they seem like they may just be extra bloat that I don't need anymore. What do you think? I love your channel, and am grateful that I found it.

  12. aditya verma

    Hello Kevin it was a good video. However I have faced 100% disk usage problem many times on many pcs. Can you please do a video on that specific problem. Solutions available on google search doesn’t always help.

  13. How to find out which programs are old and not used in a while on Windows?
    How to understand or find out which windows programs can be disabled and which are not allowed to disable and it is very important (do not touch)?

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