How to Troubleshoot Your Hard Drive

How to Troubleshoot Your Hard Drive

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If your computer won’t boot or start up and you think your hard drive maybe dying and you want to troubleshoot or test the hard drive with removing the hard drive from the computer, you can use Hiren’s BootCD PE (Preinstallation Environment)

This WinPE is bundled with legal software and will allow you to run tests on your hard drive to see if it is failing. Hard Drive failure is very common and needs to be dealt with as soon as you start to run into problems.

Important: Always backup your data before continuing with any hard drive troubleshooting or hard drive diagnostics.

This is just one way to test and troubleshoot your Hard Drive, SSD, External Hard Drive, USB Drive and M.2 Drive

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  1. Eagle Ales

    As ai am pc repairman, this video for me very helpful and informative. thanks, Brian.

  2. Hey Brian, I have a problem and I'm not sure if this software will help it. For a few months now I've been experiencing an, "511 CPU fan not detected" issue and I don't know how to solve it. The computer tells me to press F1 to boot and when I press F1 the computer boots up fine with no problems. Can you please help?

  3. william hall

    you hear it all the time ~ (Before You Do ANYTHING Backup Your HardDrive) Well if us new people knew how to do these things we wouldn't be watching tutorials. what the heck.

  4. Zarthalad

    I've been around awhile but I don't reply much because I have to use an onscreen keyboard.

  5. Hammy Bunghole

    I have always used the inbuilt checkdisk command, just run cmd then chkdsk /r and if you see any bad sectors time to throw the drive away

  6. maynardr6

    I'm lucky to get 100 views on anything now if I send 99 of my friends a direct link.

  7. Ron Lamberth

    Hi Brian, I went for a factory reset on Windows 7 Pro, with disc purchased from ebay. Half way through the process the disc ejected leaving me with the box saying ''cannot repair and cannot restore!! Is it worth the trouble following up with any more attempts to restore my Lap top or not.? I think the disc was corrupted.What do you think my friend?

  8. DavidKupy

    I am getting the video notifications as normal here in the Colonies no problem. They run fine but I don't comment much anyway.

  9. Selwyn Wathne

    Is there any way one can open and restore a locked ssd drive ?. A friend of mine forgot his login password and after about nine attempts a error message appeared LOCKED
    I had a spare 2.5 inch ordinary drive which I installed windows 10 on it for him and that got the laptop working again . Now I'm the owner of a locked ssd drive .Any ideas. regards Selwyn

  10. Wayne Martin

    Thanks Brian. I'm still watching these great videos! Cheers

  11. Cal Mac

    Hey Brian – Liking the new you-tube banner mate 🙂

  12. Lucky Chukiye

    can you do a video on how to do backups on Widnows 10 and what is the best way to backup to a external spare hard drive? I would REALLY appreciate it as I am new to Windows 10

  13. Mo Sal Naz

    Thanks for the tips and hate it but while I am writing these words. By win 10 screwed up as I had to clean case of dirt with power supply and the processor and I had an old HD so put with the HD I had 10 at. The issue is this. It said after checking all cables and stuff that there is an error in HD so kept win 10 to fix that and so after restart. The issue is I get the win 10 logo to insert password but can't write as checked keyboard or mouse and tried all but didn't fix it. I had to do the repair with a CD I got and now after seeing now issues at HD. Still can't start win10. Guess that I will have to install again the win10 may be as sucks but wish things will be fixed. Thanks for the video and after fixing will do the program install so have no more issues more over again.

  14. Wolfz77

    Hello britec, i have been suffering from 100% disc usage for a while now and i’ve tried everything all the fixes out there to fix it but nothing worked, i’ve also tried to reinstall windows but still, could that be from my hard drive failing? Cuz when its at 100% of disk usage my computer becomes very slow, i hope you can help me with this, thanks in advance

  15. Nick Fraser

    after pressing f12 ; came up a lot of "failed to load resource"


    Hello po host sending my love and support to your house God Bless you po keep safe…

  17. Stephen Allen

    A fantastic video brian,very clear methodical,and very well presented ,brilliant as always,thanku kindly,

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