How to turn your Steam Deck into the Ultimate Retro Emulation Console?

Reviewing the new Retrostation Deck software for Steam Deck. So this will turn your Steam deck, into a multi-system emulation console, capable of playing all your favs retro games, from OLD SKOOL Atari , Amiga, MAME, NEO GEO, N64, PSP, PS2 and the list goes on.

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00:00 Intro
00:12 Price
00:47 Features
01:20 Set-up
02:28 OS Walk-through
05:39 PS2 Test
06:44 Dreamcast Test
07:25 Sega Model 3 Test
07:51 Switch Test
08:10 Wii U Test
08:32 SD Card Test
10:24 Final Thoughts


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  1. S B

    You forgot the best part about this, you can hook it up on a monitor or tv and have a even better experience

  2. PAUL MH

    I love the steam deck i really want one. It's just the size and battery drain issue thats the problem for me. If valve shrink the next model and make it smaller and make the battery life a bit better. I would buy one the emulation alone is crazy on this thing it's a dream to play retro games on it!

  3. GarethRossUK

    Buy the Jsaux modcase attatch a srap that is provided slip in any hard drive you own and no velcro to catch or rub or dirty over time also can strap on power banks and has kickstand. head to arcade punks and get the sets they have for free. is it official when games are included with the drive i dont think so 😉 nothing wrong at all running emus in steam os also you get updated emulators.

  4. BlackWorm

    Wow. This is so awesome.
    I'm gonna have to pick one up.
    Thanks for the review.

  5. Tony Steel

    Would love a Steam Deck but their just way too expensive…keep up the good work my man.

  6. Nathan Cocksedge

    Great review!
    What's the average battery life with the 2TB option please?

  7. My steam deck wants that 512gb card! If you get bored of it and fancy posting it 15 miles down the road, then please let me know🤓

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