How to Use Final Cut Pro on iPad!

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Final Cut Pro is finally available on iPad for the first time. We downloaded the app on our M2 iPad Pro to try it out. I walk you through the basics of how to use the app including importing media, removing backgrounds, Apple Pencil features, multicam angle editing, exporting projects, and more in this video. I also highlight some of the missing features and iPad-exclusive features.

Download Final Cut Pro on the App Store:

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Chapters โžก
0:00 Intro
0:39 Pricing Options
1:06 Getting Started
2:39 Effects, Transitions, & More
3:15 Importing Media to Final Cut Pro on iPad
3:40 How to Export a Project from Final Cut Pro on iPad
3:53 Using Inspector in Final Cut Pro on iPad
4:57 Multi Cam Angle Editor on Final Cut Pro on iPad
5:30 Animating in Final Cut Pro for iPad
5:50 Missing Features in Final Cut Pro for iPad
7:03 iPad-specific features in Final Cut Pro
7:38 Summary and roundup

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