How to use TypeScript in React

TypeScript can be helpful to React developers in a lot of ways. Learn how to use Typescript in React.

🔗Link – create-react-app-typescript :

Tutorial by Ben Awad. Check out his YouTube channel:

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  1. natqe

    he is best programmer ever

  2. HJOTech

    At 9:30, what do the brackets mean around name on line 22?

  3. Chiaki Nanami

    The font and UI need to be bigger. It's hard to read. Also, for most of the video, the code doesn't work at all, and too much time is spent "shutting up the IDE" rather than why the default is what it is. The speaker also sounded bored the entire time. Yarn also took so long to do ANYTHING (and my computer hung while it was operating several times,) that I just gave up on following along =-

  4. About "It doesn't pick up on the types" at 8:02: If you use "e.currentTarget" instead, it will be typed as a HTMLInputElement.

  5. Tonki Honks

    This repo is deprecated.
    How can do we add TSLint to the project since the now recommended npx create-react-app [project-name] –typescript does not add any linter out of the box?

  6. Matt Hill

    Thanks so much! Gets straight to the point, for busy dev's.

  7. John Doe

    beats vomit horrible way of bypassing most advantages of typescript….

  8. John Doe

    i am outta here (do you work (drunk) for facebook?!? looks that way)

  9. ss singh

    Typescript and react.js same or not??

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