How to Use Vim – Tutorial

Introduction to Vim. Learn how to Insert, Navigate, Search and Exit Vim.

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Video by Maricris Bonzo (aka Vim Girl). Check out her YouTube channel:

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  1. axMf3qTI

    Why do you have your secure shell in a browser?

  2. axMf3qTI

    I use vim for over 2 year and I still don't have a good idea how to efficiently move vertically . I usually use j,k or shift [ ]

  3. Snazzy12341

    Good tutorial. But why do you have to mention the fact the you are a girl lmao. You think you're so unique and quirky?

  4. Michael Mantion

    audio is horrible, leson is slow, dialog is clumbsy, quote in the beginning is offinsive. HOW did you get 939k subs???????

  5. A Scientist

    i spent a year internalising all pycharm shortcuts + mastering VIM, then using pycharm's vim plugin. I practiced for hours in the lounge room with the keyboard unplugged, just memorizing the shortcuts and ingraining them into muscle memory. When I emerged from the basement I was god-mode productive for 2 months – I could do stupid things like build an app in 30 minutes by button mashing. I had finally made it. A master.. of VIM. I felt like Po when he became the dragon warrior… I felt like Ash ketchum winning all gym battles after all 932 pokemon episodes. It was beautiful. then I got RSI and had to take 6 months off

  6. Nazar M

    I like how short it is and no bs.

  7. Kyle Manley

    Thanks, this was very helpful! I sent it to some of my friends so they can improve as well

  8. Syntax Error

    Still a beginner but can you use this for any language or is it specific?

  9. markolino style

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I'm new in Linux (about 1 year using it) and I think it's a good time to, at least, have a basic idea of how to use vim.
    Of course I didn't get all the shortcuts memorized, but I'll keep trying to get them in my "hard drive".
    You've done an aweosme job. Again, thank you so much.

  10. John Morrison

    I am an old hand at vim (32 years) and learned some new stuff here.

  11. I love vim and I used it for years, but I learned a few trick from your video, Soooooo, I love your video too!

  12. Andrew Williams

    Hey, great video. after watching this I think I'm going to give vim a try. I've been using Jupyter mostly up to now. question for you. how do you restart the python kernel if needed when using vim? I have had occasion to need to do that as I'm still at the beginning of my coding journey.

  13. Robson

    It lookinf for this perspective seems to be a kind of videogame ! 🙂
    Thanks for your explanation !

  14. Rony Ahmed

    U r really a vim girl!!
    But there are lots of shotcuts which is difficult to remember

  15. Jerico anon

    Video title: how to escape vim tutorial
    Video length: 2 hours

  16. linux-guy

    Happy to see that girls also coming to tec and GNU/linux

  17. Harsh Yadav

    I have decided I wont date a girl until she knows vim 😂😂

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