How to Win Fortnite on a MacBook Pro

If you play Fortnite on your MacBook Pro you’re probably having a bad time in Battle Royale. This external GPU gives significantly better frame rates.
Available Here –
GTX 1080 version –
Laptop Skins –

The Gigabyte gaming box is an external GPU solution for thunderbolt 3 equipped laptops. Equipped with an RX 580 it is designed with MacBook users in mind. 450w PSU with an 8-pin power adapter.

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  1. Dave2D


    Thanks for watching =)

  2. Thomas Anderson

    Won't work in Windows.
    Won't work with Nvidia cards.
    Won't work with the laptops display (requires external monitor).

    Wow Apple, you fucking suck.

  3. Zakey

    Does It Work With the Macbook Pro Basemodel? with the built-in display?

  4. Kourosh G

    And the search continues.. I’m not a gamer, but definitely can enjoy better performance on everyday tasks like Adobe softwares. For that I don’t really need a bulky enclosure, more like midrange CUDA/OpenCL enabled mobile GPUs that can fit into a portable frame. I hope exklim starts back production..

  5. liam powers

    HI! PAY 1000 BUCKS FOR A LAPTAP AND THEN 600 MORE TO PLAY GAMES ON IT! Like seriously you could just buy a pc for less

  6. Carlos Jimenez

    The thing I'm interested in is what is that keyboard called it's nice af!

  7. Toxic Icy

    Who got triggered from the walking and not running lmao

  8. IceKing

    This man didn’t take a gold scar…

  9. LukkatWut

    Wow it’s only 600$ it’s fineeeeeeee😹

  10. Mr.Mercury

    M1 macs be :
    60fps high settings.
    I am the weakest apple silicon.

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