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The video How to Write a Perfect Email 2023 will go over all of the fundamental steps to writing a professional email. In this tutorial, you will learn the basic email format, points to consider when writing the email body, and see an example email. By the end of this video, you will have a thorough understanding of how to write an email for any purpose.

In This Video, We Will Cover
00:00 Introduction
01:08 Structure of Email
01:14 To Section
01:43 CC and BCC Section
02:40 Subject Section
03:10 Points to remember while Writing Body of Email
03:18 Salutation
03:55 Opening Sentence
04:45 Body of The Email
05:19 Closing Sentence
05:44 Signature
06:09 Sample Email

▶Despite having a plethora of communication modes in our disposal; say: newspapers, cell phones, Television, radio, and satellite communications, An email is considered the most reliable and formal mode of communication. You might ask “But, Why write an email when you can reach out anyone almost instantly using the apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook?

▶Typically email has three major sections, and
👉The first section is TO; This section contains the email addresses of your email recipients. If you’re writing an email to your manager, their email id will be mentioned in the top section. The email address might be associated with a variety of platforms, including HotMail, Gmail, Zoho Mail, Outlook, etc..

👉CC or carbon copy is a section in which a copy of the same email is sent to each recipient. To make it more clear, imagine if you want to share a copy of the email with your co-team members, you can mention their email in this section. Now, the copy of that mail will be shared with everyone in your team other than the main recipient.

👉The BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. It is used to share an individual mail in mass without sharing the email id of one another. To give an example, if there is an occasion in your company where multiple people need to be sent the same email but don’t have access to the other recipients’ email addresses, you can use this section as your savior.

👉last segment is the Subject; the Subject provides brief information about the content written in the email. One key aspect of this section is that the subject line does not require any special characters.

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