How To Write User Stories, Epics, & Personas – Dev Life

User Stories, Epics, and Personas help organize all the needs of a project so it is clear what needs to be done.

They are used in many developer jobs for planning projects so it is helpful to know what they are and how to create them.

Video by Anissa Deanna.
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  1. Kelly Boudreau

    Thank you – very easy to understand. simple. Direct, not a lot of fill words. Appreciate that.

  2. Alex Jones

    Thank you for your work. You did a very awesome job explaining user stories, epics and personas.

  3. Great job with the video. Clear explanations combined with real-life examples ===> better understanding. 😊

  4. Schmuel Tiebra

    Thank you, it is the simplest explanation I've seen for this, this is really the way to reach people looking forward to using Scrum ASAP.

  5. Studio Zandra

    Short, sweet, and right to the point…thanks!!
    Can you recommend any similarly short and good videos explaining the term Agile?

  6. Angelo Torres

    Well done. Even if this was not the standard explanation, I liked it so much that I will frame my thoughts around this: Personas -> Epics -> Set of User Stories.

    It helped too to think of a user story with this structure:

    "As a <Pet Owner>,

    I want to <showcase my pet to other pet owners>,

    so that <we can setup play dates for our dogs>

    Note: The <we can setup play dates for our dogs> has to WORK with the target audience (the audience looking online to setup dog play dates with this app etc.)

    And, lastly, Epics can contain many related stories for this audience (audience coming to this app to find other dogs for theirs to play with). For example, there can be another user story to validate dog sitters. So an EPIC that covers both user stories could be (like the title of a book), "Allow pet owners to socialize their dogs better, even when they are busy professionals"

    Loved it!

  7. Diogenes Vitali

    So, what is next after a user story? There is a new drill down to say “as a pet owner I would like to add pictures of my pet so I can…” or “as a user I would like to be able to change my password “?

    How does the details after these level of user story work?

    May you tell me more some samples of detail user stories as user requirements?

  8. Can we have more videos like this please? I mean stuff related to Agile PM and BA processes?
    It was very informative and the presentation is awesome!
    Super interesting and fun!
    Love your vibes!
    Thank you❤️

  9. joj666

    so much what is this what is that on internet no single project user stories => code

  10. Donnete

    Wonderful explanation. Your example book example to describe epics was perfect. Thank you!

  11. Christie GH

    This is an excellent video; thanks so much for sharing! 😘

  12. what is the difference between User Stories and Problem Statement? I'm still find it difficult to find the difference of those terms. And when to use it?

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  14. Noel Slater

    Enjoyed this. Explained each item well and yet did it in a short concise manner!

  15. Sebastian

    it's amazing how a 7-minute video can make a huge difference in your understanding. Excellent stuff

  16. Zakaria Azzahid

    As a learning Business Analyst, i was struggling to write correct User Stories and your video was really helpful for me, Thanks !

  17. Mandar Joshi

    Wow!! Amazing maam u elucidate it in just 7 min plz make more videos related to project management!!

  18. gia mor

    OMG. life changing 7 mins.
    Keep it up.
    Luv the examples. How could you do it in 7 mins others 30 long boring mins

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