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  1. Sharon S

    Yeach hp sent me good one too defected envy16 fully loaded with oled and i9 and noticeable bulge on the top of the laptop raising keyboard as well big time quality control issues

  2. TGB

    If only AMD CPU + nvidia GPU

  3. 1BadVan

    Have I been missing the lives or just taking a bit of a break from them? Hope your 2023 has been going well sir. I wish I could say the same

  4. Un Known

    Fugly-looking laptop. Not a fan of the keyboard layout with an off-center touchpad or the screen wobble. It's nice that it is upgradeable. The bottom bezel is way too much in 2022. You need to ding them on the 720p webcam.

  5. Rafael Perez

    At 321 nits brightness display, it is a little low for my taste however everything else sort of makes up for its shortcomings! The 720p webcam seems surprisingly good for what you get. The built in mic is very clear as well. A plethora of ports as well as the included external usb hub, 165Hz screen and excellent upgradeability and you have a laptop in the HP Omen 16 that will stand up against its more expensive neighbors! Excellent job Andrew!! 👍😁

  6. CVArts

    Even better deal, I bought a 2 year old Alienware M17 R4 with RTX 3080 for $1000. My motto – never buy electronics New.

  7. William Cohen

    Nice gaming laptop. Camera was okay for 720p but agree with you a 1080p camera should have been the minimum for this. Mics sounded good. Great upgradeability. One suggestion is when you do your sound tests on these computers you should mention the distance your sound meter (watch) is from the computer and use the same distance from the computer on each computer you review. If not then these sound measurements are not really valid. Overall a great computer for gaming. Great review.

  8. Dean Thompson

    Another excellent review, Andrew. As a new HP laptop owner, I like this laptop. This is a gaming laptop, first and foremost. The numbers are decent, I don't know if elite gamers would go to this laptop, first. As a non-gamer, this would not be my choice in laptops for 2023. Thank you for your hard work

  9. And where is this set up $1000.00??? Don’t think so. The core I7 with a 3060 is $1699.00

  10. David Allen

    Good review, nice to see the power port on the back, if gaming laptop makers need a barrel connecter that's fine, but it would be nice if they were all on the back or corner at least

  11. Teja P

    Hi Andrew i want to buy some budget laptops for my parents. They have basic use cases like watching netflix, listening to music and youtbue, email. What do you suggest?

  12. Ali Issa Salum

    Can you please build a beast gaming machine core i9 13th gen and rtx4090

  13. Hk

    Great video and meh laptop

  14. I had last year model, with 11800h and 3070, it was great for gaming but screen wobble was so irritant, temperatures high and no usb-c charging option…I had to sell it.

  15. thibaldus3

    Nice. I like the upgradability and full port selection. I prefer a matte display though.

  16. JDuarte

    Great review, I love the laptop, the design is one of the ones I like the most, I just wanted to say that since they released this laptop with the HP OMEN 15 it has had a great sale but everyone claims the screen HP should fix that problem in doing a more rigid screen and review the hinges of the screen and the brightness 325 nits is very bad

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