You are currently viewing HP Omen 2017 Review – Don’t Buy The Wrong One.

HP Omen 2017 Review – Don’t Buy The Wrong One.

Dave2D review of the 2017 HP Omen with Kaby Lake and GTX 1050 Ti or 1060 Max-Q and 120 Hz G Sync Panel.
Cheaper Alternative –
HP Omen (Last Gen) –

GPU Benchmark –

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  1. Dave2D

    2015 omen – Expensive but really good
    2016/2017 omen – Cheaper but poor thermals
    mid 2017 omen – Pricing isn't competitive until you drop $1200+

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Tri

    One important note from a guy which has this laptop with i7-7700hq and a gtx1060 maxq. Get that extra 8gb of RAM and also undervolt your CPU. I get so much better performance when using that dual channel RAM and with undervolting i go from 96degrees max to like 88degrees and it is crazy for me that you can boost a laptop so much by just investing 40$ in a new RAM stick and installing a software to undervolt the CPU. I hope some HP Omen owners read this ^^

  3. Gurjinder Singh

    They give us an i7 Laptop with 4 GB Graphics. That's not what I call a Gaming Laptop.

  4. Theunpopularmom

    Your link in the description box for the omen takes you to a different laptop altogether that is no longer available

  5. batje11

    I have bought the omen by hp 17-an135nd. I want tunderbold 3. Can i buy it and place it by my self?

  6. Nexogamer7x

    if a alienware laptop and a acer nitro 5 had a baby

  7. Kat Marie

    I'm looking for a new laptop after having this laptop for almost three years. It has started feeling blazing hot just booting up a game let alone playing it. I tried cleaning out the fans, thermal paste, and cooling pads and nothing works. Not to mention the bottom half of my screen gets hot. I'm lucky that I got this laptop on a good sale at 799 because I'm very disappointed in how badly its overheating after 2.5 years.

  8. Revo

    i have omen 15 and it fuckin overheat

  9. Kipslim

    Best review I’ve seen, you’re really good.

  10. 𓇽 SERGIO 𓇽

    I kinda like your reviews, you're quite good at what you do and you have an enjoyable voice.

  11. Marcus D

    Got one used
    4k panel
    rtx2070 max q
    32gb RAM
    1tb HD + 1tb m2
    all for 1k

  12. Chang

    why the one i bought is only have 60hz, its i7-7700HQ, 1050/OMEN 15-ce0xx

  13. Trystan Marshall

    I have the 2018 model HP Omen 15 with the GTX 1050 4gb I have been having sound issues ever since June of this year and it gets sent into HP's warranty center and it goes in with one specific issue and it ends up with another issue but comes back to me for the same issue as it was sent in for

  14. Ryner Lute

    Got the Omen 15-ce05la two years ago:

    -First month the "R" stopped working. It sunk in or something. They had to change the entire keyboard.
    -1 year and one of the USB ports stopped working completely.

    This shit is slower than a regular HP laptop. I uninstalled all the bloatware, I'm trying some registry clean ups next to see if I can actually open up Google Chrome without waiting 2 fucking minutes for it to load and then try to load a website. Let's not talk about start up times. I rarely shut it down becuase it takes literal decades to start up, so I just close the lid instead and keep it charged. Not the best idea, but hey, I use this machine for homework too.

    This laptop can't even run Overcooked 2 at over 30 FPS without drops. It's fucking ridiculous. I had a better experience with other games, though, but I do believe this won't cut it for the price.

    I got up from the couch once and I guess I was charged with some static. Touched this shit and it shut down. What the fuck is that? I'm afraid it might explode next time.

    I don't know if I got a faulty laptop, but I DO NOT recommend this product. It's a piece of shit, that's all there is to it. HP sucks, I'm thrashing my printer next. Really, look elsewhere if you are looking for a gaming laptop or just build a PC. If you got the cash to buy this shit you got the cash to assemble a decent tower.

    Ditch this bullshit.

  15. Cool video. I have a question for you man.
    Which one will you advise me to go for in HP Omen 17 & Dell G5 15 5590? I will love to see you give me a pretty good breakdown with convictions please.

  16. Arthur Morgan

    Почему этот чертяка щекастый не по-русски бормочет, а название на русском? Ютуб?

  17. i have the 1660 ti hp omen for 900 it runs all games at 150+ fps but u have to turn off turbo boost so it dont overheat

  18. Samer Ahmed

    i got a problem with fans noise .When i pugged the charger in ,my fans begins to be very loud and very annoying sound but without the charger plugged in ,there is no noise and the fans working normal .What is the solution ?

  19. Shiny._

    Honestly I’ve had this computer for about 3 years now, worst fucking thing ever, it’s the shitiest thing you will ever buy, very clunky and terribly built, I’ve had to put in 2 new mother boards and a new hard drive. On top of that the hinges are cheap and shitty. DO NOT BUY 1/10

    Then the left fan broke, makes a weird loud noise that can’t be fixed,

  20. Lolo Lucero

    Nice video, I just bought a used one on eBay and I’m waiting for it to arrive, I’m not positive if it’s the base model but it might be. It’s in excellent shape and the price I paid was $620. Im not using it for gaming I’m using it for DJing with a pioneer DJ controller. It has 8GB Ram and a 1TB hard drive. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. My question is do you think I made a good choice for what I’m planning to use it for?

  21. Jake Varner

    I bought the wrong one and it's a HORRIBLE experience. It overheats and now cannot hold a charge or charge correctly. I bought the 17 inch option but it is HORRIBLE. I cant recommend this product to anyone.

  22. Antonio Nunes

    "thermal performance is otherwise really good" I laughed there ahahahahha, never buying an hp anymore, I open my laptop clean all the fans, repasted, bios updated, cpu temps still going to 97ºC on low settins in call of duty, which results in thermal throttle, and yes, I've undervolted my CPU, I will only have normal temps if I disable turbo mode, which greatly decreases performance
    Never again

  23. Blade Razor

    I watched this video and I bought the model 2019 and I fully regret, DO NOT BUY HP OMEN full of problem better gor for MSI !

  24. Glenn Bay

    Hi Dave🤘can I use PlayStation dualsense with this laptop?

  25. Iyeet Security

    17-AN012DX is the one I got. It's the Radeon, 12gb ram, 1tb HDD model. I really like it, but I'm definitely going to upgrade what I can on it. Ended up getting it on sale for under $1k. Something like $950ish I believe.

  26. Riicho Bamin

    I have it's great-grandson (HP Omen 15 2020, Ryzen 7 4800H + RTX 2060).

  27. PenXSpy

    I searched this because im a new gaming laptop user i just want to see the fps gpu etc, so thank so much for this its really cool im very thankful for this laptop

  28. Anson Burgdorf

    This is my main laptop since it came out, just upgraded the ram to 16gb and it feels like a new computer.

  29. BK Knight

    Im on my Hp Omen 15 i8750h w GTX 1060 max Q 16 gb ddr4 2666mhz still running good
    undervolted cpu to -147.5 on core and cache using throttlestop
    Runs Overwatch at 97 to 103 fps on ultra
    Temps go from 89 moderate load heavy load steady no throttling

  30. XPTo _

    Tenho um e foi a pior merda que fiz

  31. M.Sheriff

    what are your thoughts on the rtx 2070 one?

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