You are currently viewing HP Omen Laptop Review – Cheaper… But is it Better?

HP Omen Laptop Review – Cheaper… But is it Better?

Dave2D review of the 2016 15″ Omen with the GTX 965M – HP’s Best 4K Gaming Laptop. Covering build quality, internal hardware and gaming performance. It’s cheaper this year but is it better?

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  1. Ali Medani

    for some reason i got the double of the whole thing

  2. Mahesh V

    Which is the best choice
    (Hp omen dc0106tx) or (Dell G7) ???

  3. I hve a hp omen with the 960m but ny game i play lags when i play on battery is that a problem or all laptops do that ? Great video btw..👍🏻

  4. Syphos

    Still holding up in 2018 definitly was worth buying

  5. Cooler2000

    I have this laptop but with the gtx 1050ti. I love this laptop, runs anything I throw at it. And it’s nice and thin so I can take it anywhere with me and battery is pretty good too.

  6. Boi Mesa

    What are the main issues this laptop faces in 2018?


    Ive heard this gets hot with the 1050 and up.

  8. Blank

    i love this laptop i've had it for 2 years now, but i have a gtx 1050 4gb and core i7 7700hq in mine

  9. Choe Win

    im currently using this omen laptop but every so slightly playing apex legends for about 40 minutes, the laptop heats up and lag the game. i purchased a fan to cool down the latop but nothing changed.


  10. Chief O

    does anyone know if this has hdmi 2.0?

  11. Raghav Sethi

    I have hp omen with 965 m graphics card but it cant even run fortnite with low graphichs on 60 fps some1 pls help me


    Yeah … Nazis like xD you cook eggs in summer in this laptop

  13. The Burning Lion

    I have this one still in 2020 and it stills preforms decent. The fan noise is pretty loud when it kicks in. The keyboard is actually pretty nice to type on. I have the 1080p, i7- 6700HQ. The battery has allways been good but starting to show it's age in the battery life (not bad as this has been used daily)

  14. I had one. Spilled water on returned it for another and never got it back. If anyone has a spare, please send me one and give me your email and I’ll give you mine

  15. SeireiART

    I know how late to come back to this review.
    I was considering this laptop for a while. and I think I'll get it (it's relatively a good upgrade over my current laptop)

  16. imoo

    I have that laptop, and it cant handle stuff…

  17. Nick Kh

    Can u change the graphic card on this model?

  18. Taylors_Travels

    Just bought one of these second hand and it is still an epic machine!

  19. Sir jamey

    Dave between the Asus ROG GL502VM and this omen you reviewed which is the best to chose based on gaming and graphical works ??

  20. Carlos

    Damn i remember when I first watched this video. I still have it and it’s still doing pretty decent.

  21. Lionel Watkins

    I just upgraded mines to 32 gb of RAM and 1 TB SSD. It runs so perfectly now

  22. Ravi Peiris

    Appreciate the review. Hindsight is a bitch and my 2019-2020 all metal HP Omen built is light years better than this bullshit that HP released mid-2016.

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