HP Spectre x360 13.5 REVIEW

HP Spectre x360 13.5 (HP): https://tidd.ly/3RXBD5n
HP Spectre x360 13.5 (Best Buy): https://howl.me/chJ61vuZBtz

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Video Index:
00:00 Intro
01:06 Specs & Pricing
02:27 Build & Size
03:08 Ports & Connections
03:46 User Upgradeability & Internals
04:48 Display
06:05 HP Tilt Pen & The Modes
07:06 HP True Vision 5MP IR Camera & GlamCam
07:43 Performance, Benchmarks & Gaming
08:55 Thermals, Fan Noise & Surface Temps
09:27 Battery Test & Charging Times
10:10 Keyboard & Touchpad
10:45 Audio & Speaker Test
11:38 Pros & Cons
13:01 The Score
13:13 Final Thoughts


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  1. I order this laptop in April. Due to the chip shortage did not get it till almost the end of May. I had a 1200$ dollar budget. So I when for more hard drive space and ram rather then the the 4k screen.

  2. BlackCell22

    Why are so many companies cheaping out on upgradable ram? How much more does a user replaceable chip slot cost? An extra dollar?

  3. Larry O

    Got one of these about a month ago with my generous health care discount. Blue, OLED, 16gb ram, 512 hd, and works great. The dongle adapter did not come with it. The carrying case is a great add-on. A lot of HP programs that I can't quite figure out, but I guess its there to make it run better. Battery life not so good, but figured that was the price you pay for OLED. Keyboard is fantastic. The blue is definitely a fingerprint magnet. It was this or the Lenovo 9I, but either one would be a great value. Check your startup apps, and disable most of them. The machine was laggy till I disabled them, and now runs like a champ. Great video Andrew!

  4. William Cohen

    Very good PC. Display is bright and excellent. Camera and mics are good. Screen ratio size (3 to 2) is ideal. For PCs smaller than 15 inch this is the best ratio. Port selection is good, better than the 14 or 13.5 inch like on the Dell XPS line which only gives you two USB-C ports. Keyboard layout is very good. Even though this PC might not be the fastest in the world in performance it will definitely be plenty fast for most users. Also including the pen and sleeve is definitely a nice touch. Excellent review as always. Best Buy periodically runs good sales on these and if you can find an open box unit of this when it is on sale many times you can purchase this at a great price.

  5. Rafael Perez

    Definitely a lot to like here to paraphrase Andrew's take on this gorgeous 2-in-one laptop from HP. From the over 400 nits OLED screen brightness to the great sound quality of the Bang & Olufsen tuned speakers, the 3:2 aspect ratio, the 5MP TrueVision camera and all of this and more for a great price and worth every penny!! Excellent job once again Andrew!!! Very impressive indeed!!!! 👏😁

  6. whenhen

    Companies should really just make 16gb the base amount of Ram for higher end laptops like this one. How many people buy $900 laptops and only expect to browse the web and watch movies?

  7. Reagan Hardin

    I have the 10th gen Hp Spectre, and bought this one as well. Unfortunately i'm feeling sick if i use this laptop for a long time, probably because the PWM Flickering in this laptop. I hope HP saw this and use a higher frequency PWM for the next gen (or maybe even a flicker free OLED panel). Gonna sell this one and back to my old spectre, while waiting my Yoga 9i to arrive

  8. marcos

    I had a terrible experience with the HP tilt pen. It does not work properly (keeps writing at 2mm of the screen), and HP (via chat) support wasn't helpful. They gave me stupid suggestions as reinstalling the drivers. Also, as they can talk to you only on work hours, of course during those hours I could not chat very much, I had to start every day from the beggining, hear the stupid suggestions then the support person would go away, and the next day to the beggining again. It's like the chat gets erased every hour or something like that, because I asked them to read above and I never got a answer about that, they kept asking me to describe the problem again and again the whole time.
    I ended giving up but I will never buy anything from HP again. They should have changed the stylus without all that stupid procedure.

  9. John Joe

    Hi Sir. Thanks for your detailed and rich description. It has helped me to make a decision. I have ordered similar one but with 400 nit IPS Screen.

  10. Ryan Turner

    I didn't get the hub when I purchased it from BestBuy

  11. saurabh singla

    Hey Andrew, nice video. I just wanted to update you that HP has removed the USB, HDMI hub from its package in the United States.

  12. Hisham Hossain

    3:38 I didn't get this hub. I contacted HP and they said it doesn't come with it. So I'm kind of confused. Can you please link which exact model you got?

  13. *UPDATE* Apparently the hub is no longer offered in the box. Just to note, my review unit did come with it as I pointed out in the video. I will reach out to HP for clarification. Stay tuned…

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