HP Spectre X360 Review – A Powerful 2-in-1 Hybrid

My thoughts on the HP Spectre X360 and its fully rotating hinge. Enjoy!
Purchase Link – http://amzn.to/211k6Yl

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  1. Mark

    Great review!
    It's an added bonus that it also comes with a free Intel Creativity Software Starter Pack (https://goo.gl/TVncWb)

  2. Shehban Patel

    This or the envy? What's the difference between the two. I would like to buy one for college, coding and media consumption.

  3. SonicPopcorn106

    i have the the hp envy x360, which has better specs but cheaper and it just has the old hp logo instead of the new one. Otherwise than the logo, its the exact same thing pretty much, even the hinge is the same. It has 8gb of DDR4 ram, and an Intel core i7-8550U, and a 15.6 inch screen instead of a 13 inch screen. So it's a little better in terms of specs. Other than those 3 things, it has the same specs. It's also made of the same material so you aren't missing out on anything

  4. krysba88

    What do you think of HP envy x360 i7 8th generation

  5. AZ Gaming

    hi Dave,
    Can you suggest a laptop similar to this one around $1000?

  6. eben

    Can someone pls tell me if this thing could handle something like just cause 3?

  7. Owen Leynes

    He didn't mention the MOST Annoying keyboard key I have ever had: the damn help button right next to the escape key… All it does is open a Microsoft edge tab that directs you to the Microsoft help page.

  8. Long Nguyen

    Dave, what do you think of the hp spectre update with 8th gen intel cpu?

  9. Legendozu

    aaaaaaaah i can't decide which laptop to buy 🙁
    hp envy 15 x360 is my prefered one till now but everyone say that the brightness is bad and the battery is bad 🙁

    🙁 plz help ?

  10. RavenMK

    Hey i love your desktop wallpaper. Can you send?

  11. Jagan Jijo

    Please review hp power gaming laptop series..

  12. Lin Radke

    Anyone owns this laptop for more than a year ? Everything alright? I bought one, and after a 10 min use, it had a crazy overwhelming shit going on, and I had to return it. I'm afraid of picking up a new one, as it doesnt seem really reliable ? (Ps, I had the I7, 16g and SSD 512, 13')

  13. Naomi m

    Please do a review of the 15" 2018 AMD version

  14. hutchyy

    These bezels are bigger than my future

  15. Ecalz

    Not surre if you guys care about this now but HP released a BIOS update that stop Laptop from throttling but it bump the fan up quite often.

  16. DF

    I’ve had my X360 for about 4 1/2 years and it’s been flawless. I’ll likely keep it for as long as it lasts. It seems run as smoothly and as fast now as when I bought it. I rarely use the tablet mode with one exception. It’s perfect for resting it in your lap and rocking back in your favorite recliner.

  17. okoshawott

    Commenting on this video while using this laptop. All i can say is that 4 years ago this was an ultrabook!? times have changed.

  18. DJAyrey415

    Why can't I find this on any website to purchase?

  19. Mr Sam

    A crazy big rtx2080 gaming laptop pls?

  20. Knight Rider

    How does the 2015 HP Spectre i7 5th generation 8GB RAM 256 GB SSD compare to today's Spectre? Any reason to upgrade?

  21. Scayron

    Many people saying it stops functioning properly after like 2-3 months, is it really the case?

  22. This laptop performs like a laptop with a good processor lnfo.help/HpSpectre?CW integrated graphics card, and spacious RAM. Look elsewhere if you’re a hardcore gamer or graphics designer, but for most people this will hit all the marks. Speakers are fine with reasonable loudness, but it's silly to review ultrabook speakers beyond that — you need headphones or external speakers for serious listening.

  23. Skydive

    Holy fucking shit. i thought this thing was made in 2019 or 2018 or something, but 2016?!?! JESUS CHRIST!!! i got this thing on my birthday in 2018 during the summer, and it is smooth a butter. its 2020 now and the thing feels like it was brand new. huh, after i saw the 2017 model, i thought it was the 2018 model and when i saw the gem cut on the 2018 model, i said HELL NO. so i tried 2016, and when i saw the computer, i knew for sure that this was my computer. mine has the gold lining instead of silver, and it has a Matte black paint job instead of white. AND, when i saw the box, i knew as soon as i saw it that it was mine. i still cant believe my computer was made in 2016 as i havent seen any of the 2020 and 2019 computers of today yet. but this computer is legendary. i have a bunch of files installed, a bunch of pictures and videos, apps, etc, and this computer still has a whole shitload of space still left on it, and it doesnt seem to be ending anytime soon. web cam is awesome, the computer is comfortable i just LOVE this thing. thanks HP for creating a legend 😀 also, David is wrong about the charging light. the light turns orange when it is charging, and it turns white when it is fully charged. the light just shuts off when it is not being charged. so it does has a charge indicator.

  24. Karan Hasija

    is there any one out there looking at this comment from the very same 4k model, please tell me one thing, why can't this laptop play 4k 60fps?

  25. Indienheld

    I had this laptop from August 2015 to September 2020 (just a few days ago). Mine was the 1440p version.

    I DESPISED it.

    Don't get me wrong, the keyboard was nice, and the screen was fantastic. And as an art student at the time, pen support was also a bonus. But that's where the pluses end for me.

    – Right out of the box the sound turned out to be garbage. Whether through headphones or speakers, everything sounded like nails scratching a blackboard, prompting me to buy an external sound card later.
    – The trackpad had a delay, even after updating drivers, and so I used a mouse most of the time.
    – The CPU ran HOT. So much that I was unable to do anything without the laptop turning into a stove and shutting itself down from the heat. This was only fixed once I got myself a cooling pad.
    – And the worst of all: the WiFi antenna. Oh dear god, the WiFi antenna. It kept resetting itself, making me lose connection at least twice per hour. If I try to update it, it would disable itself and refuse to be reactivated until I factory reset the entire laptop.

    And I know I'm not alone with this. I got this laptop from my friend's father who was working at HP at the time. He got the same laptop for my friend (also in August 2015), and his keyboard behaved like my WiFi antenna did.

    I got an Asus now, and, I love it. I am SO HAPPY to have gotten rid of that infernal HP machine, and I wouldn't wish that horrible computer on anyone.

    Good riddance.

  26. Blgn Lanre

    Hey Dave, Is the Core i5, 8Gb, 256 SSD variant still worth it in 2020?

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