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Huawei Matebook Review – The Best Windows Tablet?

Dave2D review of the Huawei Matebook Windows Tablet 2 in 1 covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, gaming and video editing performance.
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  1. ScHtRoNzO

    Can you cut movies with Power Director 16

  2. SleepyJay

    This is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S… I don't know which came first but one copied the other.

  3. Shabina Hanif

    this is why i lik ur channel, u r quick and ur very informative instead of being a boring old hag

  4. Punith Ganadinni

    Hey, can you please review Huawei matebook x pro… Waiting for it since very long

  5. Ryan Fiocca

    Sooo nice to see an actual, viable competitor to large companies. Love what huawei is doing in the past few years.

  6. Jayvon

    When are you reviewing the new 2018 version?

  7. freestyle dbz

    Simon The easiest way got product key from: Xuesoftware . Com . It works and it's easy. 100% recommend

  8. Petcy Jackson

    So in general, overpriced for what it is. Get a surface or an ipad!

  9. Ahmed El-Shafei

    First it was Microsoft then Huawei who did the first tablet that can replace laptops
    in 2018 Apple fan bois are WOWED by that new apple ipad that they say the "first tablet to replace laptops"

  10. crazyx3s

    I have a macbook pro which is good for programming, but I want something to take digital class notes with? I want a nice screen quality and great stylus writing experience ? Can anyone recommend something please?I'm sortve between surface pro and ipad pro. Or should I get a cheaper one huwei tablet m5 since I just need it for taking notes digitally

  11. Hrishab Raj

    Have totally copied Apple devices as per it's looks and designs. That's what I hate about these companies.

  12. svamP

    Who is here after Huawei ban

  13. This thing would not bend as much if they just made it thick enuff for usb A but apparently they would rather just piss people off because f u i guess

  14. Sejuti Sharmin

    I have been using for more than a year and I am very satisfied with the device. Just the keyboard got a bit woobly after a year. Using it for class work. Taking notes and just throwing it in the bag and taking it the library. Best under rated device and I love how you reviewed it as the best windows tablet. Because it is! Like I said using it for more than a year and I am very happy and satisfied with it.

  15. Xerxes Rubio

    I guess this was the time when you weren't good at criticizing. hahaha How time changes people. I'm not here to criticize. Love this channel.


    Have you clean your hands after you touched that China-Virus notebook ?

  17. Vivek Patil

    Forget about the device I loved the phone ringtone u used in background

  18. vajrala mahi

    Can you please suggest ne the tablet which is suitable for coding interviews

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