Humane Startup Unveils a $699 Wearable AI Pin #shorts

AI startup Humane, founded by two former Apple designers, unveiled it’s first product: the AI Pin. It’s a $699 wearable pin that is designed to basically replace your smartphone and is controlled by your voice, touch, a gesture or the laser ink display.

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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. So if there’s no applications, how can these services exist? Aren’t they applications running locally and on a server?

  2. Allan Gibson

    If it responds to voice it is inherently always “listening” so you are lying about how this works….

  3. Upmacher

    Guys… it‘s a like a phone, a projector instead of a screen which is voice and motion controlled, a speaker and most important an AI Assistant that can do pretty much everything you ask for. Like telling you how much protein your food has while holding it in front of you. Complete stand alone! No phone and no SIM card needed. Day one buy for me.

  4. Vishal Srinivas

    “We dont do apps” is a way of telling developers this platform is closed and completely controlled by us.

  5. Phil

    Sack your marketing team. That told us NOTHING. I’m not googling it either, if that was your plan.

  6. Chi

    Dramatic ad for a..??

  7. ZiZi

    Dude looks tired of life. And I question her competency if she can’t attach the device to her jacket herself and needs him to do it.

  8. newie

    …and… that's the last you will hear of humane… best of luck guys

  9. pdwPackrat

    I let me get this straight, it watches everything you do, even gesture. Listens to evey conversion, monitors every call,and decides automatically how to manipulate you?

  10. M E

    Important part is that its 24$ a month. No thanks keep this to yourself

  11. Don’t do it. It’s them psychologically conditioning you. Remember the body enhancements? First people wore pads inside their clothes for fake abs, hips and theighs, and even buttocks. Next they introduced implants and people were fine because they had already been conditioned. First you’re wearing watches and pins with info about you and next they are implanting it in you. Be strong don’t fall for it


    Weird times nowaday people pay monthly sub for a spy device😂

  13. samuel garcia

    699 for access to free online ai ? 29$ for line connection- hotspot ? Wouldn’t be surprised if this is forgotten faster than educational tablets

  14. Riq

    Bro made the iphone shuffle slapped the word AI on it and called it a day 😂😂 hilarious grift

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