Hyper Threading Explained

This is an animated video explaining what is hyper threading. Hyper threading is a technology developed by Intel that virtually doubles the cores on the CPU. Making the CPU run faster and more efficient by scheduling the workload between the cores.


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  1. Dumii Cris

    with hyperthreading the operating system will recognize each physical core as 2 virtual or logical cores and this is what u call an explination? the explination involves showing registers and saying that hyperthreading means dual register count per core meaning that the operating system recognizes that cpu as quad core (the operating system doesnt care about the speed that u have on the cpu he is just using hyperthreading as dual programs running without hyperthreading the operating system would have to save the registers put the running program on hold and run some other program this would happen lots of times everysecond and still does .. why? cause ur task manager shows 20 programs running in the same time not 4 or 8 or whatever threads u have so when u say hyperthreading its easier to say just threads.. u can get a cpu with 4 or 8 threads per core that is just a simple math cause per ansamble your performance would not increase .. but this is just theorethycal discussion cause the performance would shurely increase maybe its expensive or is just hardware limitation 2 threads meaning 1 wire to show the thread 4 threads 2 wires needed .. anyway its dual registers system thats 2 threads per core registers ar not what windows refers to.. the registers i talk about are the ones used by cpu to transfer information and one program has its own registers which are modified with almost single instruction so registers are that 64 bits (that what 64 or 32 operating system or cpu means)

  2. Wow. I’m learning so much from your videos and it’s clicking, u like other instructors. ❤️

  3. PES gaming

    "In other word, you can run multiple application at a time"
    From what I read in the internet
    From android studio developer..
    Not only one application will use one thread ..
    In fact one thread can have two different applications using it..
    One activity i.e a class can have its own thread for the same application,
    which means many threads exist for one application..
    That is because if another application want to use the activity(meaning the class) of that thread it can access it faster compared to when running an application in a single thread..
    That is as far as I can understand
    Correct me if I am wrong

  4. Gigatless

    I haven't seen that much water since the first grade

  5. James Fila

    I love your vids man, currently self though computer engineering 17 yrs old. Just to learn new things and skills. Anyways thank you very much

  6. Jacob Bingham

    But how does it execute multiple instructions at once in a single core

  7. João Silva

    por favor coloque legendas em português brasileiro nos vídeos…Thank you

  8. Naresh Yadav

    beautifully explained well, I always find this channel explainer video worth to watch.

  9. Sage Red

    Lol I'll have 3 cores, 6 logical processors, and 12 threads. Kweek Mauths.

    (A.K.A. I have an FX 6300)

  10. Mango

    When it's enabled, and the CPU has to do more than one task, does one core immediately use both threads, or only after all physical cores are occupied?

  11. Oussama Slama

    Hi bro I have i3 5005u 2c and 4t in game the cpu 3 and 4 stop working tell me why plz ,I have 8 go ram ddr3l ,amd r5 m330 2 go help me plz friend .

  12. Sasha B

    Do you have any current videos that one can purchase? Your videos help so much with my study and do you have an email, please.

  13. Sasha B

    You have the best videos I have not found a person that can compare to your videos, We need teachers like you.

  14. Nikhil

    Excellent set of 48 videos. The 1thing left is making a video on different types of processors/cores like i3,i5,i7 + generations of processors like 5th Gen , 7th Gen , 10th Gen along with differences on both. Please make such a video so that our knowledge on basic computer stuff is complete.

  15. Ahamed EN

    I don't think this is the right explanation of Hyper-Threading…

  16. Ivory Barksdale

    Or let’s say we have one mouth if we were hyper threaded technology we would have at least 2 mouths or more

  17. momo s!!!!

    Thank you very much for this clear explanation of this lesson.

  18. Shadowarez

    Now it'll get muddy when the IBM tech comes to consumer CPUs 1 core 4 threads or that silly arm cpu with odd number of cores and thread's. Great videos though don't see why it took YouTube so long to recommend these.

  19. CoolDudeClem

    So does this mean, lets say a 4 core CPU running at 4Ghz, would perform like an 8 core CPU running at 2GHz, when hyeprthreading is used? I've always been a little fuzzy on this.

  20. Sandy Seller

    You have an excellent way of showing us how these work! Thank you!!!

  21. You are The one I was searching for last 2 years …
    @PowerCert Animated Videos
    Please make more videos on network connections and network traffic (incoming & outgoing) and also on CPU vs Memory usage and how it is calculated etc.

  22. maximumrisk2004

    I will trust the expert on this and in the end we have been just finetuning current technology to get just a small marging extra performance compared to the Jumps before. Yet, by everything I know of Computers, modifying a physical component to do virtual work, you are just putting more workload on the component. So that has to take away from the gains. A small Boost is still a Boost, but yeah.

  23. Aditya Sanwal

    Sir can u explain what is this virtualisation shown below logical processor

  24. ldchappell1

    The Optiplex desktop I had about ten years ago had a Pentium 4 with hyperthreading capability. I turned it on but never noticed any difference in performance.

  25. Lee Amra

    But how exactly it is implemented in hardware?

  26. Del Pro

    Question. If one thread is being executed and the scheduler pauses it for some other thread (time slice), can that same thread continue execution on another core? In other words, are threads mapped to specific core through its entire life-time?

  27. Bobalazs

    how is hyperthreading added? what does it look like? I can not find any information!

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