I Bought The $80 Starbucks Mug…

Dave2D review of the Ember ceramic mug sold at Starbucks.
Ember Ceramic Mug – http://amzn.to/2DnG1qR

If you’re looking to keep your drinks warm all day look no further. The ember ceramic mug was selected by TIME Magazine for best invention of 2017.

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  1. Dave2D

    This thing is pretty awesome for people that drink HOT STUFF. Thanks for watching!

  2. Scootaz

    I guess we could say then it has pretty decent thermal performance for a $80 machine.

  3. Ro Toast

    Thats ridiculous, why do they even put a battery in it? To render it unusable after one year?!
    It is a great idea though, but induction technology would've so many advantages, such as longevity, dishwasher safe, short circuit safe, less electronics in the mug itself.

  4. Steve Hill

    I received one as a gift for Christmas and is already stopped working, don't buy one. Of course Starbuck's would not exchange without a receipt so it ended up in the landfill.

  5. LZ Cats

    Dave: literally getting snow from outside
    Also Dave: uhh this mug runs out of battery faster than advertised.

  6. Hunter Tran

    wait i drink so much coffee I love this!! gonna pick this up 😀

  7. ycodex

    Who leaves coffee for an hour

  8. hengineer

    It's not far off the electronic hand warmers I bought off amazon. That turned out to be quite useful when it was cold. Doubled as a battery pack, too.

  9. sam_e

    App controlled heating mug: Here
    Thermos bottles and mugs: What about us?

  10. Bloo

    If only it could also cool the drink.

  11. Ansu Kumari

    Normal people: I'll put some ice in my drink
    Canadians: let me grab some snow from outside to put it in my drink
    That made sense yet so funny lol

  12. impendio

    Fresh canadian snow? Fresh canadian snow!

  13. Nicholas Chaplin

    I just got a i9 coffee cup, very expensive but my coffee is now at 4K graphics

  14. Laser Panda

    Anyone know where to get that wallpaper from the machine in the back?

  15. Yog Kumar

    Its a little bad on the thermals, you should go for a cooler

  16. tHaH4x0r

    4:50 as an electrical engineer I can kind of answer that. It is pretty easy to detect whether the cup is connected, or the pins are shorted by water. So that is of no risk (if designed properly, which I assume it is).
    The problem with induction technology is, that you would need to read out the sensor somehow, so you would need another connection and battery inside the cup still. This increases cost and complexity quite a lot. Induction is also way less efficient.
    "Fast charging" technology like in phones most likely cannot deliver enough current continuously to both charge battery and/or keep your mug warm. Also here the cost/complexity vs user experience comparison comes into play.

    Lastly, but most importantly, I don't think they recommend the 'no dishwasher' because of the contacts, but rather because of the battery (and to a lesser extent other electronics) inside the mug. All electronics can have substantially reduced lifetimes for higher temperatures, and most parts are rated for a temperature range of about 120 degrees. A part wont instantly fail above that temperature, but repeated cycling of hot and cold can cause cracks to form and thus premature failure, especially if done quickly (temperature shock), even with significantly lower temperatures.
    The same goes for the battery, batteries are not very tolerant to extreme temperatures, and can even go into thermal runaway if the battery is too hot and you still charge it (i.e. take it out of the hot dishwasher, and put it on the plate immediately) which can be very dangerous. As a comparison, a much quoted 'maximum' temperature for lithium ion batteries (which are probably used in this mug considering the high power density required) is around 55 degrees C. Most commercial dishwashers use higher temperatures than this.

    tl;dr The pins are most likely used because it is cheaper and does not compromise safety or usability significantly, and the 'no dishwasher' claim is most likely because of the battery inside the cup, not the contacts.

  17. Sotira

    Apple sells this, of course its 140 dollars more expensive

    yay apple

  18. Tj H

    cool, I saw this a while back in the mall at starbucks and have been thinking about getting it for my dad who loves his coffee HOT (but often likes to enjoy it for a while)…good to know it works well. Though after watching your review, I feel like you're just supposed to use it with the saucer, like…drink-mug on saucer-drinkk etc. So mug never rests on table but on the saucer/charger?

  19. The Catserole

    My mom got one of those for her like birthday or something, it is pretty cool haha, or at least she says it is.

  20. Ha Chau Nguyen

    It this has been from Apple the charging plate would have been sold separately for 99$

  21. Dean Rau

    Can somebody tell me why the mug is $80 but the travel mug is $179

  22. Michael K

    Yo Dave is Canadian, goddamn another one of my favourite YouTubers is Canadian

  23. Sandra Root

    Number 1- DO NOT put in the dishwasher as it says. Number 2- when you pour hot liquids higher than the preset temperature, it will stop heating until the liquid reaches your desired temperature that you preset and then will maintain that temp indefinitely. If you walk around with your cup and do not use the coaster then you have about 1 to 1 1/2 hours of heated liquid until you replace it unto the coaster. This has been so enjoyable to me because I get distracted easily. Never have a cold cup of coffee ever again. Also you don't really need the app anymore once you choose your temperature. It will always go back to your customized temperature. Even weeks later. If you never used the app it will heat to 130° out of the box which is it's default setting.

  24. Mild Mannered

    I'm guessing you're just supposed to handwash it, to have it attended. Water & li-ion batteries isn't good, so they proably are trying to make aure it doesn't blow up in your dishwasher. They'd prefer it to blow up in your hands in the sink, so you're fully aware to deal with it…

  25. Usually you do much better than this Dave. We all make mistakes, but at least I dont make videos about them…

  26. Antonio Johnson

    I have the $ 180 version of this . The mugs are great just not alot of capacity. The 14oz might work for most people though.

  27. Robert Fan

    When the eTub comes out…

    "Ok its already too hot ill grab a mannequin sized icicle from outside brb"

    Oookk that's better now we can see temperature has plummeted and we can raise it by sliding this little slider to and fro.

  28. William Duncan

    Kettle: $10 (boils water in a few minutes)
    Mug that can boil water half way: $80
    (do not put in dishwasher; make sure you don't spill anything or you risk getting electrocuted)
    That seems pretty reasonable

  29. Omar

    E-waste. Just don't pour a whole coffee if you drink slowly. Your brewer probably already does this. And a freggen heater with bare metal contacts is not worth $80. There was probably more marketing hours spent on this than actual engineering hours.

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