I Found the Perfect Keyboard

The CTRL keyboard from massdrop is my perfect mechanical keyboard.
Drop here – https://dro.ps/dave2d-ctrl

The CTRL has it all for me. TKL (87 Keys), Space grey aluminum, hot swappable switches, kaihua, cherry, halo switches, underglow lighting, QMK support a USB-C connection. This is a killer keyboard for mech enthusiasts.

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  1. lllIllIIIlII

    Using and promoting an 87-key keyboard while claiming the love of a "compact keyboard". 😎

  2. cheeto

    wait my keyboard has hotswap and its like 30 dollars dous that mean its perfect

  3. Keep in mind that the Keychron warehouse is in Hong Kong. It ships from there, and if you don't like the product, you're responsible for returning it to there. Which means, effectively, there are no returns. Keychron doesn't offer a return label, so you can pony out more money than you spent on the actual keyboard, trying to return it.

  4. RamProject

    How can you said it as the best keyboard in the world if he didn't even bother to test it out through typing experience

  5. 173

    my keyboard is 200$

  6. Abbysswalker

    Dont say its the best keyboard when its only your…. Opinion. Every years there are many mechanical keyboard that are released.. Its ok if you said best keyboard in this year. Its already years ago when you post this so many will beat your keyboard

  7. D None

    What's the mechanical, brown switch, equivalent of the Microsoft ergonomic 4000? Anyone any ideas? Thanks. Great vid btw

  8. rokt

    better and cheeper

  9. Layarion

    Question, can i turn off that stupid LED light on the side? and are these North or South facing? And is the QMK FULLY customizable? and how easy is it to get QMK running on it from a noob like me? and are there any safeties baked in to keep me from bricking the board?

  10. Scott Chace

    This review is almost 4 years old now. Have you found a keyboard you like more?

  11. mmjackk

    I love this channel but this felt like an infomercial for Massdrop.

  12. GreenBeef

    Haha, Best Keyboard?
    If you post that to R/Mechanical Keyboards they would stab you.

  13. P B

    You should've mentioned this is an ad and that you are paid by them to do this video.

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