i got sent CRAZY expensive chairs – Oslo Luxury Theater Seating

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I got an email asking if I’d review these chairs. It was too hard to say no.

Links and more info:
Matte Semi-Aniline Italian Nappa Leather 20000 on all seating surfaces. French Double Diamond Stitching. Power lumbar, Headrest, and Recline. RGB LED lighting (7 colors) and Seat Memory. USB-A and USB-C Charging with a Beautiful Black Chrome Controller. Black Chrome Cup holders on armrests and in console.

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This Post Has 9 Comments

  1. HerrBall

    Alt du trenger er en god film og varmt smurt popcorn for å score med damer :-))

  2. Ben

    Americans get confused so easily. The more chairs you buy, the CHEAPER it's going to be… it's nearly always more expensive to buy just 1 of most things.

  3. Dolph

    Is the leather real? Looks fake . . .

  4. I have friends that have similar but probably 2005 era chairs of this sort in their living room and they are OK. Not for everyone but eh, they are comfy. Their cupholders look identical to those in your video minus the RGB.

  5. R Maq

    Nice video, but based on the title I was expecting to see stupid expensive chairs. These chairs are stupidly expensive but not inherently stupid.

  6. TechHut

    Normal content will be back tommorow. Homarr dashboard video coming in 12hr!

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