I like the LG G6 more than the Galaxy S8

Phone Skins from https://dbrand.com
LG G6 – http://amzn.to/2oRXVKt
Galaxy S8 – http://amzn.to/2opvPCp
These are some of the best phones of 2017. I prefer the G6 over the S8. Here’s why!

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  1. Dave2D

    Both awesome phones but I prefer the LG G6. I had to shoot the past few videos at home. Work has some noisy renovations going on. Thanks for the support as always fam!

  2. Glyne Martin

    We are getting spoilt and carried away. Today's flagship will be obsolete in two short years. That alone should tell you something…

  3. Mark Wolf

    LG G series Experience is Battery anxiety

    Samsung phones = Better

  4. B Ach

    I agree
    I prefer the lg last year over the s9

  5. bruh hi

    LG gave us a lot.
    -Beautiful cameras
    -Wide angle camera
    -The notch
    -Actually keeps the headphone jack
    -Beautiful displays (oled)
    Much more
    I love LG G6

  6. An il

    Dave 2d said wide angle is kind of gimmick
    What a time

  7. Lee Prana

    I'm always 3 years late as I purchase my phone's on the cheap. LG G6 $85 in 2020

  8. Lisa Milam

    My S-8 fell several times. Finally had to have screen pane replaced for around $250 to $300.

  9. Melchir Pomarva

    Are you out of your mine.. s8 is way better in camera.. screen display.. gaming performance.. i used to have both but now only s8.. i sell the g6

    And i wont even at par at s7 edge

  10. DemonicSkyle

    Currently rewatching lots of Dave's video. I didn't agree with him during this time, however now in 2020, I am tired of curved screens. Almost every flagship has a curve screen and I want just a regular brick now.

  11. bk tan

    But LG G6 Problem Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 heat using for sometime..

  12. the boss

    …after 3 years….; I wach this video with my new LG G6 Corean version I think is the cheapest old 4k flagship , 4/64 with Dac 100$ in Morocco , actually LG G6 for me is better than a lot of 2020 mid-range smartphones{ 200$ to 400$ ! } like redmi ,realme, Samsung A,M,…

  13. Javeed Ibrahim

    I love LG mobile phones! Personally, i like their UI as well as the physical built of their phones. Just amazing!

  14. monibstar

    I got 2 LG G6 too 🙂 64gb and 32 gb variant 🙂

  15. Ken Silva

    I bought the G6 because of the upgrade I was promised. Unfortunately, no upgrade. The battery sucks. I have to charge 2-3 times daily and all I do is read my emails, watch YouTube and mostly reading. I don’t understand how bad this battery is. I thought it would be quicker and smoother than it really is. I’m just tired of the battery. It really sucks and I’m forced to bring a power bank with me where ever I go because the battery would drain.

  16. Gojo Otaku

    Any body tell me that don't crash games like pubg

  17. Shashank Shekhar

    I have no idea why this is in my feed today!!! watching it on my S8 after 4 years, while LG well .. we all know. love this channel though 🙂

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