I Replaced My $5,000 Camera with the DJI Osmo Pocket 3?!

@paulAntill used the Osmo Pocket 3 as his only video camera for 1 week. This is one of the best small travel cameras in 2024, but is it good enough to replace his $5000+ “pro” setup? Here’s everything he likes about this lighter pocket-sized camera and some of its biggest limitations.

Osmo Pocket 3 – https://hawk.ly/m/DJI-OSMO-Pocket-3/i/TGYTB15
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When it came time to pack my bags, the Pocket’s compact size saved me a ton of space and weight. Unlike my usual setup (Sony a7siii + DJI RS3 Pro + Sigma 24-70) which tends to take over half of my bag, the Osmo Pocket 3 and all its accessories – including the DJI Mic 2 – which I highly recommend pairing with this, its battery grip, a selfie stick, and tripod feet – fit neatly into just one compartment.

Testing this for a week straight, the Osmo Pocket 3 was incredible for my trip. For capturing my experiences, and being able to take it everywhere I went, it was the perfect tool. In the future, I can see myself using this as my main travel video camera, but I’ll still be taking along my a7siii and some kind of zoom lens for that additional flexibility and range when I need it. If DJI ever manages to fit a zoom lens in the future on this thing, it’ll be huge.

0:00 – The Challenge
0:33 – What I’m replacing
0:47 – Saving space
1:19 – Less Awkward
2:18 – “Pocketable”
3:24 – The Case for No Case
4:07 – Speedy
4:55 – “Vertical” or Not
5:28 – DJI Mic 2s are a Must
6:35 – Flying Under the Radar
7:31 – Give me that Zoom
8:34 – The Perfect Travel Camera?


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  1. @Carlos1Silva

    Great video, really loved the real-world experiences and your input on it. Keep it up!

  2. @cliffcastle9808

    Thanks for the review. For someone who is looking to upgrade to a DSLR camera or a portable video you make some very good points , both pro and con. In essence I think there are really good reasons for having both .

  3. @latansky

    Just bought one. Can wait till it arrives!

  4. Thanks for the review I bought my Osmo pocket three and haven’t gotten it out of the box yet my goodness my lazy. I think it’s time to get my butt in gear. Thanks for your review.

  5. @NELA_Realtor

    Great video. I agree with flying under the radar and enjoying the actual experience. A few things to point out that may have missed from my experience. You can power up the Pocket 3 with the red button. It is very useful when you don't want to flip the screen. Also in vertical mode it captures images at 4K resolution using the widest part of the sensor while when in horizontal mode it uses a dedicated section of the sensor for 3K resolution, ensuring a larger vertical field of view compared to cropping a horizontal shot.

  6. It's been awesome having a Pocket 3. I've mostly been using it for motionlapses (timelapses with motion) to supplement my drone footage

  7. @RyanKorea

    I did the same thing! Been making my content with the Pocket instead of my camera since it came out.

  8. @1sleestac

    Great Video and spot on!
    I've used the OP3 for over 3 months and can not agree you more!
    It is an awesome camera… I've use it in Hawaii, Disney, and various other excursions (and family films). My biggest issue was the case as well! So I switched to one on Azon (search: Gimbal Cover Camera Lens Protector Cap for DJI Osmo Pocket 3) and was able to slide it in and out of my pocket without fear of breaking the gimbal while maintaining a minimal profile! **Just be sure to pull up on the screen side when opening it!
    Regarding the zoom… you are correct as well! While filming an engagement ceremony, I found myself walking to and fro the subjects in order to obtain various angles and close-ups! Normally, this would have pissed off the other photographers… but they were so amazed at how quick I was in and out, that it didn't bother them at all!
    Thanks for the vid!

  9. Great Vid and a side compliment, excellent sound quality in the Vid! What's the mic you were using?

  10. @stowgood

    I currently use two a7Iv's when my wife and I go out often we will have one each. It's tempting to get this instead as it's so hard to carry all the lenses you need etc. I can't wait for the future when this will have iphone style multiple focal lengths (same applies to the mini drones) and it would be cool if all devices had time code for when I drop footage from multiple cameras into my editor.

  11. @paulAntill

    How does the Osmo Pocket 3 stack up against your camera setup?

  12. @ChillEpps

    Really thorough and detailed look at this awesome camera, glad you gave some reasons why it's not a one and done piece of equipment.

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