I tried switching to a $100 phone

Nokia G100: https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_us/nokia-g-100?sku=GPNKN150DCGB?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=nokia_g100-na-unitedstates-noncalendarpromo-purchase-buy-dtc-youtube-video-video-G100_PhoneBuff
Big thanks to Nokia Mobile for sponsoring this video.

I tried switching to the Nokia G100 for a day as my main phone to see what a sub-$200 smartphone gets you nowadays.

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I tried switching to a $100 phone



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  1. OW

    I’ve tried cheap phones like this for a deployment and it’s usually crapping out by the end of three months. For some people they might be fine with it but I can’t stand lag or apps to just crash.

  2. Nitin Soni

    How bad phone you wanna make around $200 ?
    Nokia : YES.

  3. Walter Sobchak

    Not everyone can afford the newest iPhone or Sammy flagship smartphone. I own a iPhone 14 pro max, but remember when my wallet was empty most of the time and low cost phones where what I could afford. People forget that most users can’t afford a $1400 phone! Out in the wild, I see more lower cost phones then expensive ones.


  4. Nuggets

    2nd Upload? in less than 24 hours, Wow… I wish this was the same to your tests.

  5. antiisocial

    Doesn't sound bad. I pretty much only usey phone for calls, YouTube and texting. The only reason I have a Samsung S21 ultra was cuz it buy one get one free.

  6. Hamza Hafeez

    Or you could buy a tecno camon 18p. 48mp primary camera, 120hz display, Helio G96, telephoto portrait mode camera.

  7. stilkus

    Or get a decent xiaomi for this money

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