I Used the ₹3,500 Apple Watch Ultra!

Apple Watch Ultra costs ₹90,000 but what if I tell you that you can buy a cheap Apple Watch Ultra for just ₹3,500. Yes, it’s obviously not the real deal but what’s impressive is how similar it is to the real Apple Watch Ultra. Watch the full video to see the Chinese fake Apple Watch Ultra in action.

0:00 Apple Watch Ultra at ₹3,500!
0:36 The Box
1:01 ₹3,500 Watch Ultra vs ₹90,000 Watch Ultra
2:50 Real vs Fake?
3:23 watchOS like Software?
4:12 Fantastic Clone But…
4:32 Don’t Fall For It!

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  1. Suvrojit Roy

    What's a good LTE smartwatch on budget, I want to replace my phone with a smartwatch as much as possible.

  2. bhuwan chandra

    The people who cant afford a apple watch ultra wearing even the original one makes other suspecting that its fake.

  3. Thank u for making this video I was looking for an apple watch now I will be aware…..

  4. Sophie macquet

    If you think it’s the best, try the h11 ultra or iwo watch ultra 2. It’s the best under different names. With the exact same body with the Antenna bands, real screews, strap
    Lock and the UI has the exact same icon and the wayfinder watchface with real compass

  5. Owais Mir

    It costs of what Apple sells it's Apple Watch Ultra strap for. And the clone comes with its own strap

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