If You’re Tired of MacBooks Winning…

Thoughts on the upcoming Snapdragon X Elite laptops compared against Apple’s M3 MacBook.

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  1. @bmc868

    Do you like Windows or OS X that's the question!!!!!!

  2. @kintsugi3932

    The only reason to get a macbook is if you only strictly use for coding cuz it's best. Windows is dogwater for coding. Everything else, literally no reason to get a macbook lol.

  3. @whaletrain7070

    "This is our year for Windows on ARM guys, trust us!" is what I keep hearing come from Qualcomm but until we actually see the performance side by side, I'm in no way hyped.

    Apple has run rings around Qualcomm/Microsoft from ARM performance to x86 emulation and we're now on the third iteration of the M-Series of chips.

    With the stats on x64/x86 emulation in the video, I'm really, really skeptical that the chip will be THAT good in practise.

  4. @battery_wattage

    If you don’t understand how important power efficiency is, please watch geekerwan’s video The Smartphone CPU Review You Need to Watch.

    I have went through multiple YouTube comments from the “Macs are trash” individuals and they just don’t understand excellent battery life of normal tasks, low fan speed, lower heat, full performance without plugging in and superior performance without plugging in compared to higher spec’d x86 machines that need plugging in. They really don’t understand how good not needing to go through the hassle of plugging in a computer during a flight and still getting excellent video/photo editing performance.

  5. @B14-fm8df

    Keep it up good work nice video topic thanks for the wonderful video 🙏

  6. @skytechfreak

    Dave looking forward to your take on the new HP Omen Transcend 14 – hope you're gonna be covering that soon!

  7. @dinosoup

    LOL 80W? They really want to target improving battery life… so they went for a peak power draw 125% above the macbook! I love Windows too and Apple is anti consumer as fuck, but seriously?

  8. @wile123456

    Jinx of a video when AMD announces Strix and Strix halo in a few months which will have the same effeciency (will be the debut of zen C cores for lower power usage) as well as RTX 3050 tier performance for the normal Strix (so same as Snapdragon elite X) and strix halo will get close to rtx 3070. And they use x64, so it avoids the terrible emulation.

  9. @shred69

    I just hope people realize that a laptop with this chip will be an expensive thing to have. Close if not the same as Apple.

  10. @TazzSmk

    RTX 3050 is basically on par with GTX 980 Ti, so performance for gaming should be sufficient when properly optimized and combining lower resolution with FSR…

  11. @ak_hoops

    Energy efficiency is literally the main reason why I want a Macbook, actually a massive reason.

  12. @ubacow7109

    I'm hoping that it wont price as aggressively w/ the ram integration. Like theres a pretty good chance that there will be nice chinaese OEMs that will sell us laptops and devices w/o as high of a mark up but I expect 16 & 32gb onwards to be extremely overpriced just like how apple has done historically esp now that its all built into the SOC.

  13. @illuminati229

    Looking forward to these chips! It has to be a seamless experience to the end user though. If there are tons of application incompatiblities, it will be DOA again. Hopefully that emulation works as well as they hope!

  14. @benkluger7798

    At 5:15 or so you showed the Snapdragon Slides from their showcase… they misspelled "Extremely". How???

  15. @3k3k3

    Nothing beats a PC.. for anything but being the best laptop for laptop use!
    If you like to play modern games, then nothing beats it, nor the noise, heat and left for dead by the manufacturer after 12 months..

  16. I also agree I got the MacBook Air M1 due to the speakers the form factor and {the battery}

  17. all point out great topics..

    i think you are correct about pricing it will affect definitely..
    if it is same price of apple products then i will stick here in apple..

    FYI i'm very am a windows user in the past but now apple user mac user because of m series devices is much better overall..

    but i think x elite laptop will be struggle in OS for a bit longer than apple had..

    i have experience little less struggled when. i first using m1 mac's..

    but for sure a lot of struggle in arm for windows hahaha you know windows is windows hahaha but very excited though hopefully it will transition smoothly because i will buy and comeback again in windows i missed playing my windows base games.. hahaha

  18. @jerome436

    Integrated RAM is ok, but SSD? its a no no. Other than upgrade options, the most important reason is SSDs today have a limited lifespan and they will eventually fail. Having an integrated SSD makes the computer disposable, its like having a battery that is nearly impossible to replace.

  19. @marcgtsr

    Waiting foi the nvidia soc next year, right?

  20. if qualacomm does what amd did with the 7000 series gfx cards, they won't get market share and be forgotten. wanna bet this is exactly what they will do?

  21. @RiverYucatan

    Dave, You dont think they will ship products with 8 gb of ram? You should check the new surface pro then.

  22. @3200sam

    I disagree with windows having better screens

  23. @Toritori-ke9sf

    I couldn't play valorant or rainbow six siege. on my M1 Max, and I still can't play it on my M3 Max. And to make it worse I can't even play CSGO anymore cause CS2 doesn't support Mac.

  24. @xdevs23

    Why are they called Windows devices? You can install something other than Windows on it.

  25. @bmc1222

    If they can give the Surface Pro 10 a solid 10 to 12 hours of real battery life I’m in. Macs longevity and performance across the range is the sole reason I continue buying.

  26. @hv4329

    Unsoldered RAM would be a nice addon, but if it isn't I won't cry over it. Soldered storage however is a total deal-breaker.

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