Ikko ActiveBuds: The Smartest Earbuds w/ ChatGPT, Real-time Translation, Android apps!

The Ikko ActiveBuds are AI-powered wireless earbuds with a case that’s basically a mini Android phone. The case has a 1.8-inch OLED screen, 32GB of internal memory, and even a SIM tray for 4G internet connection. It can run Apple Music, Spotify, along with ChatGPT and do real-time translation.


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  1. @Oneness101

    it would be great if they eliminate these "phone" things and focus on bringing new version of ipod. it would be great since no one does that but apple.

  2. @rhouknee

    I can see myself buying this for the two-in-one factor. I can stream music and make phone calls with the included earbuds instead of using my phone.

  3. @hector9960

    It's a little gimmicky but at the same time, pretty cool. If the price was $200 and the sound was impressive, I might consider them.

  4. Very strange product. Don't know why I would care about a screen on my earbuds case. Also don't know why ChatGPT in there makes sense. But I agree – innovation is a great thing, there should be more of this out there.

  5. @BaileyKYT

    i wish they would make earbuds for people who dont like those silicone tips. I like Airpods 2nd Gen because they fit my ears the best. Wish these were
    made like those because these look so cool. Thanks for the video

  6. @KMASIF-mi9yj

    When I saw the JBL Tour Pro 2, I thought, why not turn it into an MP3 player? Ikko made it come true.😍

  7. @yuidfbse

    This makes no sense. Soon toilet paper with have internet access, GhatGPT and tell you about what you just S H I T !!!


    A year and a half ago me and my friend were discussing an idea about a TWS with cover like old ipods so we dont always need phones to listen to music. It feels so good to see a company made something like this which we could once only imagined and much more ❤❤❤

  9. OMG this product is so cool and actually makes alot of sense

    But I still think it doesn’t worth more than 200 – 250$ max

  10. @bengoey

    Battery of earbuds last approx 2 to 4 years depending on use. What happens when at some point the earbuds do not work anymore ?

  11. @Forcas00

    They're expensive, but dope and a conversation starter. My only concern would be the warranty. I need at least a 3 year

  12. @dujankees

    I didnt know IKKO have these, but i am a fan of their chifi classic OH10 in ear monitors, been using them for years now

  13. @TheNightquaker

    Yeah Ben that's called an MP3 player with air-buds stored in it, it's really not that big a deal.
    It's a modern Walkman but worse.

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