iLife V8S – Best Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iLife V8S – Best Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If your in the market for a affordable Smart Robot Vacuum – Scheduled Mopping & Vacuum Cleaner then check out the ILIFE V8S. It my testing the ILIFE V8S done a great job at cleaning and sweeping the floor. It’s easy to use with remote control or manual buttons on the vacuum itself. The ILIFE V8S can be scheduled to run whenever you like 7 days a week.

Its cost around $260 depending where you buy it.



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iLife V8s Specifications

Capacity: 0.75L dust bin and 0.3L mopping water tank
Size: 12 inches (330 mm) diameter x 3 inches (81 mm) height
Weight: 5.9 pounds (2.7 kg)
Color: Grey and Black
Cleaning time: 80 -120 minutes
Charging time: 200 – 350 minutes
Battery size: 2600 mAh
Sensors: Anti-drop, Wall Detection, Stair Detection and Rubber Bumper

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  1. Senon1172k4

    Brian…I though u were a computer guy but my whole life was a lie!!! 😂😂😂 Lol jk nice to see a guy like u who makes all types of vids…go on man 🔥

  2. Eagle Ales

    something new, i like walking robot hahaha, thanks Brian.

  3. fixitdaz

    Something that will do the cleaning and don't give you any backchat Great reveie Bri

  4. Compton

    Britec got a Robot Vacuum to clean his computer room I bet after cleaning Britec room it said never again lol jk

  5. bratek

    Not a bad invention but what is the cost of this robot ?

  6. Frankly, that is a toy. Pretty worthless gimmick. Oops, sorry. Was I supposed to blow smoke up the makers arse?

  7. Luis Tejada

    Buena nota 🙂 !! Y Sí! Por corregir no sé que comentario me olvidé de mencionar que es el a8 de ilife el que mapea antes de limpiar, pero efectivamente el v8s está en oferta a 50 euros menos por amazon primeday hasta el 19 !!

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