I’m Starting to Hate Apple

Apple needs to stop being terrible right now
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  1. Dave2D

    This 8th gen refresh from Apple is taking way too long. It's killing me

  2. Samine Kunis

    Its not Apple that I dislike, but what Tim Cook has turned the company in. Producing a big hype for new products but sadly their performance falls far behind. Buying anything more than a M 1 Macbook Air is a total waste if money, especial,y if you want to render videos or even combine these correctly with the audio track. This would have never happened if Steve Jobs was still alive and in charge of the company which he started.

  3. Me too I started to hate apple when I bought my first keyboard case for ipad I was so hyped but then I found out that I can’t play any games on it so I went to ask my parent for an android device to tryout but we don’t have it so I raged hard and about to spend all my saving on a computer but yeah my parent won’t allow me to get a computer and still using the trash restricted ipad till today

  4. ARGIE

    watching this in M1 MAX and MacBook 14/16 era. Apple knew in 2018 that intel was doomed, they just put their effort elsewhere, I guess.

  5. Belle Brune

    I hate Apple too.
    Can't do any tranfer without iTunes, the worst shit in decades of using computers.
    Android, a USB cable and BINGO. A kid can do it.
    I replaced Windows for Linux.

  6. GoldenRBLX

    I hate this stupid thing I was making a yt vid and it didn’t save the video so now I can’t get that same clip

  7. AT AT

    I hate the notch design on this year's macbook pro and I didn't buy it

  8. Ay Zu

    I was like why he's hating apple and talking about Intel now that M1 is here. Then realised video is 3 years old 😂

  9. The Sharky Show

    App store cant even support my favorite games, and my uncle wasted 100 euro on a german apple gift card, when i try to redeem it in the the netherlands i cant redeem it, 100 euros to waste. Like why cant i redeem it.

  10. Turavin

    Just now? I've hated Apple since 2012. After Jobs died the mess started. I've been using apple since 2001 with MacOs 9 still. Tim cook is terrible.

  11. Alvin Leow

    Apple tax. But people still buy it, to show that they have MONEY!!! Hahaha…

  12. Stefan Frisk

    Hate APPLE?! Who doesn't/hasn't?…I have since 1996…🤠

  13. YM

    Some consider apple product as status symbol, that is the problem.

  14. Majestyo Nahuway

    I am agree with you. Apple us sucks and expensive, change to Samsung!!!

  15. that was short “i”, verb form of live like live your life, not like the long-i, “lives of humans”
    language fails
    my own

  16. apple is garbage. as an artist i spend one day a week creating art, and 6 days a week battling against crashes and updates and preferences pages which are never
    the same twice, and where they
    are the checkboxes never have the same result or outcome twice. they really embraced that “spirit of the 60s oh hey whoa this is wacky and cool and not your dad’s computer.”
    but did they have to make the same noise
    click do something different every single time?

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