iMac Pro + MacBooks + iPad Pro – Hardware Refresh!

Before I do the 2017 Macbook and iMac Review, here are some early thoughts on the upgraded hardware including the new Radeon Pro 570 and 580.
MacBook –
iMac –

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  1. Dave2D

    That new iMac Pro is straight up 🔥 – too bad it's so friggin expensive.
    I hate you Apple

  2. iMacs have thunderbolt 3 now. Can you do a video on putting an external gpu on the iMacs? I'd like to know if it improves performance on mac and windows side

  3. BoxfedTV

    What up Dave!!! GREAT VID!!! I make music on a 2013, yet I have trouble with my CPU when I have all the tracks at 96k. Do you think the newer MACBOOK PRO's are powerful enough to run 20-30 96k audio tracks when using LOGIC STUDIO? Thanks!

  4. Sina Madani

    Damn, I thought the iMac Pro was $5000 for the top end model!

  5. slaWterCH

    $12999 for the maxed out version – that's my guess.

  6. K19

    u look like chinese with a hint of european..just like apple products

  7. Mike Alpha

    i like dave lee

    he knows apple are over priced astheticly pleasing sub par pcs

    but also knows his core audience are tools

    he gives enough props to please the drones but is obviously a PC gamer at heart and knows what real hardware looks like

    also impressed that you called out that 18 core CPU in that shell, that is going to save on heating bills for the whole street

    just like the power mac G5

  8. Prakash Tamu

    What's that wallpaper on the screen behind you? Would love a link to it .

  9. Football lifee

    Mac mini review pls I want to buy one but, I now only trust you! ;)hey also I subbed

  10. LoL XD

    You know what? Atleast imac pro has ports rather than dongle book pro 🙂 i know its expensive but it has theoretical vega cards in there 🙂 and i think imac pro is designed specifically for vr and 4k so i think its worth buying :/ or maybe no, idk people has different minds

  11. TechMalicious

    sell body organs for 10k apple product…
    obviously sell my organs


  12. rizzo905

    I bet the iMac pro will top out at close to 20k not 10k

  13. Xi Le

    Why one piece iMac 4k or iMac Pro 5k cannot increase more refresh rate than 60 Hz? I think the heat issue for computer screens with higher resolution and higher refresh rate. 😎 I bought Samsung 3D HDTV 55” 120 Hz in 2010 for watching slow & fast motion picture & games is very smooth. HDTV or 4k TV with higher refresh rate up to 240 Hz is ok because it does not consume more power for heavy computing like pro computers do. Some smart phones have very high 960 fps video for super smooth slow motion.

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