iMac Pro vs. Alienware Threadripper!

Dave2D compares the Apple iMac Pro against the Alienware Area 51 Threadripper and other powerful desktops.
iMac Pro –

2018. Apple releases their most expensive computer ever made with some of the best hardware on the market. The new iMac Pro comes loaded with the most powerful graphics and processors ever in a Mac. Everything looks great with the crisp 5K Retina display. Buyers get to choose to have 8, 10, 14 or even 18 cores with turbo boost speeds up to 4.5GHz. With 4 channels of memory that can support 128GB 2666MHz of DDR4 ECC RAM, rendering is super fast.

Video of the chef is from “Binging with Babish”

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  1. Dave2D

    The iMac pro is the wrong machine for a lot of people looking to buying it. Don't be one of them. Thanks for watching!

  2. Carlos Povy

    AMD Threadripper 2990WX makes iMac pro look shit! We need a Mac Pro with Threadripper now!!

  3. Falcon

    dont forget that you get more value if you sell this later
    macs are better in price in the long run

  4. Kmilo 117

    7000 for a toaster with screen sounds like a nice deal

  5. KC T

    i all depends who you are? Have anybody asked themselves this questions? What i use my laptop for most of the time? If you are developer like me…… then you got to ask yourself what kind of developer are you?
    I used an old macbookpro who does his development work on it but currently they phasing out the old pros as their OSX is keeping up with the end user feel… for that you need reasonable graphics processing capabilites….
    so if your are still in the develping world, you can still use Alienware to run ubuntu & but only if you let others in team to support ios….. so as far as a team is concern…. they don't care what OS you are using but end product needs to supported by users….
    I started with OSX…. but now my transition is mostly on the backend…. the end where apps needs support…. so I when I am traveling for leisure, I can use the macbook air…. after all I like many other developers are end users too……..
    On the personal side… I had aleady had my biometrics record with Apple, I like ios or osx apps…
    the killer blow for the many of us is the touchbar…. I lose a set of keys… especially esc….
    so I am making a transition to ubuntu & enjpy by macbookpro for a few more years….
    but as an end user, I will always use apple products…. more money or lastest hardware does not equate faster or better finer things in life…. If you look at apple products you have a range…. the ios & osx life cycle….. so on average your personal products last you 5-8…. which is for now is considered good but they will never let us in peace…. their target is to reduce the average product life…..
    so you will only need to have the lastest phone…. that is all an end user requires…. for developers there are alot of chices out there….
    content or media creators are the ones who have to keep up with hardware for their cameras… & editing side…. they will have to spend more but their earning potenial is also the highest & keeps up with inflation…. don't be despair…. it always hurt to be alone…… working in a team… is always the best solution…. during the university days gettin the right team members is essential…. though as students you will learn eveything…. if a guy is interested in cameras & has firm grip, if editing & music creation is your thing than you will be a valuable team member…. the last member is essential one…. he/she is usually ecentric…. alway swim agianst the tide… full of life… got a real imagination…. that is your storyboarder….. that person who directs have the potential to set new trends…… creativity is an asset ought not to be taken lightly…

  6. Southern Soul

    $7200 is off by a long shot for a CPU that falls between a Xeon W 2145 and Xeon W 2155 (so somewhere between 1100 and 1450USD). The Vega 64 which MSRP'd at 500 dollars on launch. A 1TB SSD that would probably sit around 300 dollars (assuming it's a Samsung Evo 960 M.2). The RAM we can price around 1000 as a kit of 64GB Crucial DDR4 ECC ram is at 969USD. A similar 5K LG monitor will sit around 1300USD.

    All of this still only puts us at 4600USD.

    The rest of the build, power supply, heat pipes, fans, motherboard, etc, can't possibly add up to more than 2600 dollars.

  7. Logan Spencer

    Tbh I'm surprised Apple hasn't used Threadripper. It's relatively power efficient for the power you get.

  8. iNDO FiLAPiNO

    You already said it, Apple trashcan computer, they should just change the name to trash, no seriously!

  9. I saw the title and laughed so hard that my neighbors called the police thinking something was wrong.

  10. Elrico Greenwood

    @Dave Lee which iMac Pro configurable specs would be suitable for architectural work?

  11. Mas Umar

    my friend just build hackintosh machine for about $4500 include 5K monitor and it's moooore powerfull that $7K iMac "pro"

  12. Talk ID

    Dude, its 2 different computer, one is workstation one is PC level, workstation ecc ram, xeon, good for gaming, best for CAD, simulation, video, photo music creation. Gtx 1080 iis for gaming, great for gaming, bad for double precision heavy sim task. Who play games on workstation. Search how expensive ecc ram, vega is comparable to quadro series cmiiw, see how quadro5000 price compare to gtx 1080

  13. Artzy Green

    Hello my friend!Thanks for your video…Now tell me what is the best option for rendering,3d programs and calculations…Generally for civil engineering and architecture (heavy duty-best results)….

  14. mrlevinielsen

    You’re comparing a gigantic dedicated gaming multitasking machine to an overpriced all-in-one computer from a company that hasn’t been good since 2012.

  15. Tebii

    if apple makes a MacBook with decent storage and less costly.. people would gladly buy it.
    it's so nonsensical to think that u get half of what a half-priced gaming windows laptop could give you and people still buy it cause of the apple logo. Are you mad? Like really.
    And it's so clear in the video, not only this video but mostly every youtube video about mac vs pc, macs are always overpriced with less performance. I really cringe when people show their workstation and its a macbook. baby you can get a freaking beast of a computer with that price and get hell lotta equipments to go on with. Use your head and stop spending on freaking meaningless overpriced shit and just get a bang for your buck computer which can do what ever you want to and so much more than a sloppy ass macbook which is gonna be out of storage after few months and forcing you to get an external hdd which is gonna be full in few months and goes on and on.

    Just had to let it out.

  16. If Apple enabled using it as a dumb display like they used to, it would be a no brainer buy. A $2000 monitor that comes with a very fast computer. Unfortunately, once the computer is outdated, the monitor is useless.

    Also, I say it every time I comment on a Mac video, if you're using Premier on a Mac, you're doing it wrong. Use FCP, the performance is leaps and bounds ahead, if you commit to Mac for several years it's cheaper, and the interface is similar enough there's hardly a re-learning curve.

  17. Jeff Chapman

    Thanks, D2D, for an impartial and informed opinion. This is why I sub to your channel.

  18. Omar

    you’re nothing but a top tier content creator dude rise up

  19. hello can you send the link wallpaper that is in your i mac at this time

    or you can send it also via the download link

    because I really like the wallpaper😍😍😍

  20. Sriram Sundar

    It's not pronounced OS "ex". It's pronounced as OS "ten".

  21. K K

    Someone gift me this pro.🤗🥳

  22. "Professionals" equal trust fund douchebags, and pootube shills. My overclocked ryzen smacks around the imac pro like a little bitch…and it was 1500 bucks, plus a 4k monitor.

  23. DJ SICK__BOY

    fuck that overpriced garbage —>> the most expensive mac garbage have half the power from a 3000 $ system with 24 core tr

  24. Terrence Allen

    I remember iMac being way better than Alienware. Alienware was way cheaper too.

  25. ChiefAlpha

    "…..and then I got the trash can by Apple"… lol. It never gets old.

  26. Youth Codex

    I totally should have gotten the area 51 while it was still available. Now im stuck with the R12 aurora but i made my own thermal customizations

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