Incredible Noise Cancelling Buds For £30?? | Nothing CMF Buds Review

Reviewing the Nothing CMF Buds, the best budget true wireless earbuds that I’ve tested in 2024, boasting ANC and customisable controls. For just over £30 here in the UK, the Nothing CMF Buds offer stunning value for money. Here’s my unboxing and full verdict and check out my other TWS earbud reviews here on Tech Spurt!

For this price, the CMF Buds by Nothing really do pack in an awful lot. The noise cancelling is surprisingly good at this budget cost, muffling traffic and other otherwise intrusive noise. So you can enjoy your music, podcasts etc without boosting the volume to ear-splitting levels.

The dependable touch controls and app support also make the Nothing CMF Buds one of the best budget true wireless options in 2024. Battery life is simply fine, while the case can recharge the earbuds quickly. However, the plastic design and limited audio codec support will put some off – despite them being almost unavoidable at this price.

So that’s what I think of the Nothing CMF Buds after testing them as my full-time Bluetooth TWS for a week. Let us know your own thoughts below!

Nothing CMF Buds Review Chapters:
0:00 – Waffly beginning bit
0:35 – Unboxing
0:59 – One Week Later
1:21 – Design
2:36 – Nothing X app & touch
4:33 – Audio
5:43 – ANC
6:49 – Mic test
7:17 – Battery life


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  1. @Dr.Akakia

    I prefer open fit models with low latency so this is a no for me, but a good headphone

  2. @DadanBelle

    6 years ago I bought another cheap mother ffff 😅 it's was a JBL earbuds and I say till then now I use it everyday and charge and discharge millions time and it's still good as gold very solid device and also 6 years old JBL have more future than this 2024 earbuds 😅

  3. @blacklistedXXX

    So the first CMF is already outdated because they released another version a couple of months after. 😅

  4. @CozzyB

    Immediately returned mine, you can’t disable touch in the app, only change it to other things. Silly really

  5. How do these compare to Soundcore P3i buds? Similar price range and both have ANC, dual connectivity and app support, would love to know if they are comparable in terms of performance.

  6. @robb80

    Hope these work better than the watch as my watch keeps disconnecting 😢

  7. @MythicSuns

    5:21 man, I'd hate to be the FOH mixing desk guy who winds up with that instead of the usual rotary dials.

  8. @neo0031

    Nothing CMF or Moondrop Space Travel?

  9. @RIP....

    I bought cmf buds pro and they are so awesome on pc 😀

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