INFINIX Note 30 Pro: INSANE Specs at an UNBEATABLE Price! 😧

The INFINIX Note 30 Pro comes with a TON of features for just RM899 (US$199). This includes 120Hz AMOLED, Wireless …


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  1. its so close, so so so close to being an absolute banger, swap that SoC for a Dimensity 1080, leave out the 2 redundant cameras to save extra cost there and badabim badabum this phone is super legit. its sooo close its annoying, it looks beautiful.

  2. Motomitsouko

    with Infinix you are guaranteed to have almost no updates

  3. Grid View

    They should've upgrade the chipset 😢 to Snapdragon or High end Mediatek

  4. VinceRey™

    Infinix improving a lot , hope they also improve battery draining problem.

  5. André Souza

    It's a beautiful phone, definitely great design. But my impression is that the processor is a step behind in relation to the whole set. I think it should bring a better option with 5G included, at least the Dimensity 1080 for example.

  6. Pip Speak's

    It's design is really really beautiful ❤️😍❤️

  7. Jason

    Infinix is crazy good value nowadays!

  8. jynxzis foot

    just bought the sunset gold 256gb version. im in the U.S so idk how long i have to wait to get the phone but im excited. such a pretty phone

  9. megahuntinsocke

    please say it has 3 mayor android updates and 4 year of security patches. camera is workable from yt impressions.
    pls leme know about updates of infinix

  10. niphanif

    No oled i bought redmi note 12 4g for rm511(rm50 voucher and 25% Cashback shopee coins worth rm110) worth than wireless 😉

  11. Daniel

    Does anyone know if unfenix is sold in Singapore?

  12. Milton Mafumo

    wireless charging
    prety nice design
    120 Hz
    Sound by Jbl
    108 mp
    ip 53

    Helio G99?????—–really? it should come with a Dimensity 1200 or above.

  13. So many good looking and decent phones in your country in the Rm 699 to 999 range. You all will be spoiled for choices there. 🙂

  14. Ivan Grynenko

    The design of the back panel is a disaster It just looks terrible! Where did you see the "cool" there?😅

  15. Fikri1987

    Terbaik infinix spec wireless lg harga rm899 ja

  16. Eric Lai

    thanks! this seems to be the hottest great value phone!

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