Inside a New Vertical Farm Full of Robots

We visit Plenty’s new vertical farm in California to learn all about the benefits of this style of farming, and the technological innovations that make it possible.

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This Post Has 38 Comments

  1. Busayo Okeshola

    I’ll be honest, this innovation isn’t as impressive as people think. What matters most is finding a more ethical and sustainable way to produce meat like chicken and beef.

  2. gbriank1

    Excess business office capacity easily converted to food production. Plus in places around large volumes of fresh water (Great Lakes, NYC) would benefit the most.

  3. Diesel Techie

    How much maintenance has to be done on all the machines to keep things going? I know LED's are the best way to convert electromagnetic energy to photons & last really long. Still any moving part will eventually wear. What's the energy bill on this place? You also talk about renewable energy abundance but we're not even close to majority yet & need a cheaper way to store it than lithium batteries.

  4. Arno Hesse

    While I admire the robotics, I sincerely hope that this is not the future of food! Why not use the investment to convert pesticide-laden conventional farmland into organic agriculture? Healthy soil absorb carbon from the atmosphere; the energy-hogging, sun-less and soil-less factories do not.

  5. Ryan98gaming

    Plenty logo it’s very old style, they should revisit it, they have a vision and innovation. A clean minimal logo would be perfect…

  6. Derek Wheatley

    This is definitely one future innovation that I believe will greatly benefit humanity

  7. Moses Shuldiner

    Inspiring. This enterprise will experience exponential growth as cheap, renewable energy tech matures e.g. deep geothermal, fusion, etc.

  8. TrumpetGapper

    Don’t forget, vertical farming has been around for decades.

  9. Average Player

    Yeah yeah, farming blah blah, it has a very specific use stop calling it a future miracle of food production. Make a video with all these startups and show us how profitable they are. I lost track of ''revolutionary'' companies that only function as long as foolish investors pump money in them. After all the scandals and lies anything new has 0 credibility until proven otherwise.

  10. Develen Tsai

    This is BS, it's too expensive to build, it only can grow salads, can't grow wheat or rice

  11. Yo! Adrian!

    Uh oh! Bill Gates and the WEF will burn it down soon in an “accidental” fire/explosion, too bad, it looks efficient and reliable.

  12. Eric Sabo

    Yes! Eliminating all the costs of major transport. Plus, less or no chance of being exposed to toxins everywhere, beginning from seed to eventually the grocery store refrigerated shelfs.

  13. T Tarantulas4U

    Amazing. Lets depopulate so no one can work but illegals and robots. Good job.

  14. Paul G

    Hope renewables pickup steam quickly. World energy demand is growing at huge pace

  15. Jaco Oosthuizen

    Def wont be cheaper. All those lights you have to power, they will just spin it to say indoor grown so please pay double..

  16. E. v. K.

    Salad is really old News
    Wake me when there they grow something new

  17. E Ramírez

    Planting straight outta Compton. (PWA) Plants witta attitude

  18. Andy Gaskin

    Really impressive technology. If it can be financially viable, let's do it.

  19. Mini2nut

    I would love to see the monthly SCE bill for all of the electricity usage.

  20. snoopaka

    As long as it can run on renewables, I am all for it. Wish there was one nearby!

  21. Morry

    Impressivem this could also be used in space and other planets one day 🙂

  22. 👻 Face

    Despite all the promises of vertical farming, this industry has been struggling with reaching economic feasibility. I wonder if this company managed to solve this problem.

  23. ThinkTooMuch (b)

    Would be great to see a comprehensive comparison of resources used in vertical vs "standard" farming. Are they using Digital Electricity?

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