Install Linux on Mini PC

Install Linux on Mini PC

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If you own a mini pc with Windows 10 on it and want to change to Ubuntu, then this video is for you. I will show you step by step on how to achieve this simple goal.

Download Ubuntu Desktop – Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Download Rufus

You will also need a Mini PC and a USB Flash Drive.

N42-D Fanless Mini PC Intel Pentium N4200 (up to 2.5 GHz) Licensed Windows 10 Pro 4GB DDR3L Extensible 2xSODIMM DDR Max 8Gbx2 DIY SSD &HDD Slot/802.11ac 2.4/5G Dual Band Wifi/ Dual Screen/Gigabit Ethernet/USB-C/NAS




SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 up to 100 MB/s – Black, 32GB



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  1. Wally Be

    Very informative as always Thank-you for your time and effort

  2. Abdrouf

    Pop_OS is almost the same as Ubuntu and it's looks much better.

  3. The most recent update on Windows 10, Wrecked my Machine. Everything got really slow and glitchy. Almost 6 mins to fully boot up. I tried a clean install. It was perfectly fine at first, Then after installing updates, I had the same problem again. I gave up on it and installed Ubuntu 18.04 on this machine. At least until i can figure out what's wrong with Windows 10. It's a really old computer. The Specs aren't bad. It was pretty high end back when it was new. But by today's standards the hardware is very basic. 3.0 Ghz core2duo, 8gigs of ram. Nvidia 8400gs. And two years ago i upgraded the hard drive to an SSD. By today's standard, the specs are pretty low. But it should still be plenty to run Windows 10 without much trouble. So i don't know. ¯_(ヅ)_/¯ I don't have any missing drivers or anything. Everything in device manager looks like it should. Error logs aren't really showing anything. So… i dunno. So i have installed Ubuntu 18.04 on this machine. And i'll try Windows 10 again after the next round of updates. Maybe something will get fixed in the next patch cycle. It's all i can think to do. ( ་ ⍸ ་ )

  4. Bill Tatum

    You installed it to the 32GB MMC drive, I assume?

  5. Nopparuj

    Have a problem with windows?
    Want a budget PC to don’t want to use illegal cracked software?
    Love open source?
    Install linux.
    I’m a Windows user for few years but i decided i will change soon.

  6. Nopparuj

    Have a problem with windows?
    Want a budget PC to don’t want to use illegal cracked software?
    Love open source?
    Install linux.
    I’m a Windows user for few years but i decided i will change soon.

  7. Nopparuj

    Please do linux tutorial please. I’m new to linux and want to switch from Windows to linux.


    Whoa Britec — so eerie. I have a very similar Beelink AP42 (N4200) and wanted to install Ubuntu Budgie or Mate. Your tutorial is very clear, thank you. A question — is there a way to save web pages to whatever Linux calls 'the dock' or 'taskbar'? I played with Linux years ago and my disappointment was that some apps (like Thunderbird) just didn't work for me. But in Windows 10 I can 'pin' web pages AS apps and simply use perfectly sync'd apps that way. (Can Chrome do it?)

  9. lee hodgson

    is a dual boot setup a possibility on Kodlix? Be nice to have the option to go back into Windows for some software. Cheers.

  10. Hello. I've a Khadas Vim2 3GB ram, 64GB mmc.
    In android 7's session, youtube works quite well, but under Ubuntu Mate, no. Maybe the Am logic 912 is not a good processor? In your device, works well?

  11. GuMkA GuMa

    how to instal linux mint xfce on ainol mini pc 2 ? after installation linux wifi work ?

  12. richard klegin

    ever have issues with sound through hdmi? it always says "dummy audio " when i try and look at the sound manager

  13. I want to install Linux on a mini PC when I enter the install error menu "input not support"

  14. Harry T.

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video. Would it be possible to install Ubuntu server on the Mini PC?

  15. Roger Mash

    Fantastic easy to understand video.I've just bought a mini pc and i installed Ubuntu on mine.I was worried i'd soon be out of storage space after i saw the size of windows after updates.For a small mini pc with modest specs linux works a treat.

  16. Soliman Soliman

    Thank you very much for your explanation but please can you help me to solve my problem as i bought T11 Mini pc 4G RAM and 32G eMMC but I have problem with WIFI inspite of it was working with windows .

  17. Joe G

    Can I download say 2 other browsers? Providing i have the space of course.

  18. rmcellig

    I bought an acepc mini computer. It has 128gb internal storage. I have been trying to install Linux on that drive and then installing other versions of Linux on the internal SSD drive. There is a drive bay in this PC to install an SSD drive. I'll try your method which looks so easy. I have a ventoy stick with several iso files on it so I'll try mx 19 and see how it goes.

    Where I get really confused is when I install Linux distros to the SSD drive and I have to deal with grub.

    In your example did you set in the bios legacy of UEFI. Do I have to worry what kind of partition table to use? Ms dos or got? I don't play games. I use audacity and that's about it.

    Thanks for the help. I really want to make this drop dead easy like in your video!!😀

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