Intro to Cloud Computing and AWS

What is cloud computing? What are the characteristics? What I can do with it? What is AWS? What service does it offers?

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  1. Simone Icardi

    it sounds like a plane hostess announcement quite a bit, but very nice one anyway 🙂

  2. João Felipe

    Thank you for the explanation, Marcia. It was very descritive. I am eager to see more videos about it.

  3. brian van vlymen

    please fix close caption so we can understand. It won't let me turn on auto-generated.

  4. Aman S.

    Cannot understand the accent. Please provide captions.

  5. Noah Nobody

    0:35 I thought this was shared hosting. So what was/is shared hosting, the thing you pay monthly for and in return get an allocation of storage and bandwidth.

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