Introducing the Exciting Color Grade Feature in Photoshop: Adjustment Presets

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there’s something new in Photoshop that’s going absolutely change the color grading preset scene and this new feature is inside of adjustment presets if you don’t already know what adjustment presets are let me share with you open up the adjustments panel if you don’t already have it open by going to window and adjustments now inside of this let’s first of all stick it right in here in the newer versions of Photoshop you will find adjustments presets if you want to see more of it click on more for this example let’s say I want to do some cinematic color creating and you can hover through these presets to see what they create let’s say I like this split tone or I like this blue mood let’s click on it this is fantastic now what adjustment preset is is that it’s a single or a group of adjustment club together to create a preset that’s all you can have a group of one adjustment layer or a dozen adjustment layers we’re going to get to all of that later and that’s a part of the new feature anyway let’s say you like this and you can stack up different adjustment presets so let’s say we go back right in there we scroll up maybe we want something warm to go on top let’s go with Sunshine as you can see with this preset we just have one layer and let’s say we just wanted it on the face and only in the bright areas you can modify this as well let’s say we double click on the right hand side of this layer and we take it away from the dark areas by taking the slider of the underlying lay from left to right something like this now hold the ALT key or the option key click on the slider to break it apart and make the transition smoother hit okay now you can select the mask press control or command I to invert the mask take the brush and only paint with white over her face for that little warmth you can even take it a bit further by double clicking right here and modifying it slightly like this go to the blues and taking it down even more so it’s all modifiable it’s all adjustable and that is the USB of adjustment presets any even on top of that we might take it a step further let’s close this group and let us apply a color pop why not there you have it that is an interesting Moody color grade and again you can just group all of these select the first one hold the shift key select the last one control or command G and then decrease the overall opacity of all of these I’m just going to keep it at about 78 and that gives a nice grade so those are adjustment presets now that is not what’s new here what’s new here is that you can create your own adjustment presets and the coolest part is you can create them you can export them you can share them that’s crazy and I have a gift for you very small gift for you towards the end of the lesson so here is a color grading that I did very simple and I’ve added a lot of adjustment layers first I’ve added some curves then color lookup let me take you through it so here’s the before and here is the after it may be a bit heavy-handed but that’s for a reason so so that we can decrease the overall opacity later so here’s the before we applied some curves a couple of color lookups one after the other then selective color then Hue saturation to take away the excess saturation and how do we create an adjustment preset out of this simple select the first adjustment hold the shift key select the last adjustment select all the adjustments that you want to keep as a part of the preset open up the adjustments panel and you can go back if you don’t see the create presets section so back to view all if you don’t already see it and in here you will find your presets let’s click on plus right here and let’s name this one pix punch now it is already giving you that information warning that this will only include adjustment LS and nothing else now let’s click on save so here we have our pick sponge preset so even if we delete all of this first of all have all of them selected and let’s drag it and drop it into the trash can now let’s apply pix punch and even if you hover over it you’re going to see the result in real time let’s click on it once you do the pick sponge group will be created and inside of that all of those exact adjustment layers are going to show up and you can now decrease the overall opacity to your liking again 78 nice number looks fantastic now let’s create a preset from scratch from creation to export and even import so here we have an and let’s start with an incredible plugin that I used to copy the color gating from any image now again you don’t have to use any of this this is something that I highly highly recommend let’s go to filter retouch for me and retouch for me color match now you can try this absolutely for free and we have made a video about it right here you can use it to copy the color gring from any movie scene any other image any painting and it does a fantastic job and the best part is it does export a lot for it so in here this is our image we can load any reference let’s click onload reference this can be anything a clip from a movie a photo that you like or any of your previous Works where you love the colors so let’s click on this one I’m going to use this image as a reference and click on open and as soon as we open it instantly it copies the color takes the color from this one now you can match the luminance as much as you want you can match the colors as much as you want so I’m going to keep it this way and smoothing is the blending of different colors in different areas again if you want to learn it in more detail there is a video about it which you can watch later so let’s decrease the smoothing a bit and I like this if I hit apply it’s going to burn it to the image we don’t want that we just want to export the lot so that it can be a part of the adjustment preset so let’s click on export lot and we’re just going to name it pix midday hit save and it’s exported you can hit cancel if you wish do try out Rouch for me color match and I think there’s a sale going on so check the link in description for all the details I will also include a prom code for the highest discount no matter what the time is so check that out now let’s apply a color lookup table to bring that in click on the adjustment lay icon and then choose color lookup now in here we’re going to choose load 3D L click on it locate the one that we had just created click on it and hit open and there you have it applied and by the way if you don’t want to follow along with this one if you don’t want to try the retouch for me color match that’s fine too you can choose something else or you can apply a different adjustment on top of that that let’s say we want to apply a little bit of brightness click on the adjustment lay icon and then choose curves and we’re going to make it a tad bit brighter just like so and you can stack up as much as you want on top of it let us go with Selective color and one of the best ways to modify the overall colors with Selective color is choosing in the colors drop down neutrals this gives the most impact so now let us change the science we’re going to bring it a little bit to the left magenta a bit to the right or maybe to the left you can play with it yellow of course to the right and black a bit to the right we’re going to keep it relative right here and for the whites let’s add a bit of yellow okay let’s say you like this you want to save it as an adjustment preset here’s how you do it you select the first one hold the shift key select the last one all three of them are selected let’s open up the adjustments panel and in here in the your preset section click on plus and again we’re just going to name it pix midday click on Save and the thumbnail is saved with the image that you created it with by the way if I reapply it it looks amazing so why not so let’s delete all of this and click on pix midday of course it’s going to apply that let’s click on it one more time it’s going to apply one more time and it really looks good and for the second time I think it’s too much so let’s decrease the opacity and slightly increase it to about 29 or 30% and this looks pretty good now how do you export all of these presets click on the three dots as you hover over any preset you’ll see the three dots click on it and in here you have the option to export only this particular preset or export all the custom presets let’s say I want to export all of them let’s click on export all and we’ll name it fix adjustment presets why not branding is important click on SA save and if we locate that folder you will see the Pix adjustment presets it’s a different format let’s see what happens if we double click on it with for shop open let’s do that it says new presets have been successfully installed and we have double of them because we installed it again now of course you can directly import from the adjustments panel by clicking on the hamburger icon right there and choosing import presets choose this one click on open it does the same thing now these adjustment presets do have a limitation and it’s important that we understand them but before we get into it I do have a major announcement I’m going to do a two-day full day advanced Photoshop class at North Carolina for the Carolina Photo Expo it’s going to be two full exciting days of complete Photoshop coverage for photographers start to finish and Beyond whether it’s retouching cating compositing we’re going to cover it all and if you want to know what exactly will be covered on which day and how you can register check the links in the description it’s all listed in the we website and it will be super fun meeting you connecting with you and answering your questions let’s talk about the limitations of adjustment presets the good thing is it does support blend modes it does support opacity however if you were to create let’s say a color lookup adjustment and we’re going to choose for this example edgy Amber and I only wanted it in the bright areas in the highlights so if we double click on the right hand side of the lay and we take it away from the dark areas like this hold the all C the option key click on the slider to break it apart and take it all apart like this maybe this is an effect that you’re going for hit okay and decrease the opacity to about 40% maybe you like this now keep in mind we have applied blend if right here if we were to select all of these adjustment layers from top to bottom by holding the shift key and clicking on the last one and now if you try to save it right here by clicking on plus and let’s name it test one okay and now we’re going to delete all of this drag it into the trash can let’s apply test one once you do apply it have a look the blend if has gone away it has completely eradicated it if we double click on the right hand side of the lay there is no change here that we had made early on the other thing that I wish it could support was gradients in some way let’s say for this example we created a gradient adjustment and single click right here for the right hand side we’re going to choose yellow bright yellow something like this and for the left hand side we choose red or orange color now for this area we want the opacity to be 100 and for this one we want the opacity to be zero so it goes something like this hit okay and hit okay again change the blend mode from normal to soft light this looks fantastic but even if you try to save it by selecting the first one hold the shift key select the last one and if you go to the adjustments panel click on plus and let’s name it Test 2 now let’s delete all of this if we were to apply test two it just ignored the gradient that we just created and of course it does not support masking and that’s understandable because every image is different every resolution is different so if we were to create a curves adjustment we darken everything and then we select the mask choose gradient and create a gradient from white to black choose a radial gradient and do something like this whoops we did the opposite of what we wanted so let us change the gradient from black to white okay there you have it wonderful Spotlight effect so I’m going to keep it right there select the first layer and then select last lay by holding the shift key everything is selected and if we were to save this one as well as step test three and let’s delete all of this let’s apply test 3 it completely ignored the Mask 2 so you have to keep those limitations in mind now as I promised I do have a gift for you all of the adjustment presets that we just created I think we created two of them and you can get them absolutely for free download them check the link in the description for it so just a quick recap adjustment preset is just a preset of adjustment LS you can just have one adjustment Le or stack a dozen of them you can group them into a preset the new feature here is that now you can create export import share your adjustment presets the advantage again is that you can modify every aspect of that preset I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did make sure to give us a like and also don’t forget to subscribe and not just subscribe ring the bell so that you my friend don’t miss any other future tips tricks or tutorials thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in my next one till then stay tuned and make sure that you keep creating lucky lucky lucky me lucky lucky lucky me I won got it done lucky lucky lucky me [Music] uh

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