Introducing UPEND: New AI Search featuring 100 Different Language Models and Copilot Update

not a lot of people is talking about it yet but the new AI search platform upend has just unveiled some impressive features this Canadian startup has just come out of stealth mode and they’re ready to take on the big guns like Google and Microsoft with their AI powered search so it all started as a summer project by Jen Aurora a student at the University of Toronto after getting some great feedback he decided to turn it into a full-blown platform that businesses can sign up for and I can confirm it’s pretty impressive at its core upend lets you choose from a whopping 100 different AI language models to search with you’ve got all the big names like open AI Claude and mistel plus some specialized models for things like coding you just type in your question pick your model and you get a detailed answer with citations so you know exactly where the info is coming from now if you think that this is kind of like perplexity yeah there are some similarities but upend has much more to offer for one they’ve got way more models to choose from plus they let you base your answers on Wikipedia which is pretty cool but here’s where upend really stands out pricing they want to make advanced AI accessible to everyone so they charge based on your team’s total usage not per user their team plan is just $20 a month which gives you access to all their models up to a certain limit and if you’re a student you can snag a discounted plan for only $5 per month compare that to perplexities $40 per month per user and you can see how upend is really shaking things up now upend is still pretty new so there are some Kinks to work out especially with the user user interface but the CEO Jen Aurora has big plans he wants upend to eventually become a full-on task engine where it not only answers your questions but actually does things for you like if you search for how to convert a PNG to jpg upend will just do it for you pretty sweet right moving forward Aurora plans to keep growing up end’s library of AI models and add some important features for businesses like single sign on to make onboarding teams much easier he’s even thinking about launching a mobile appp and an API but here’s the thing with companies like upend and perplexity Making Waves traditional search engines might be in trouble Gartner predicts that by 2026 traditional search volume will drop by 25% with AI chat Bots and virtual agents taking over that means companies are going to have to rethink their whole marketing strategy as AI becomes more and more embedded in every aspect of business so there you have it upend a huge library of models affordable pricing and big plans for the future they’re definitely one to watch and speaking of Microsoft though I haven’t mentioned them yet just segueing into a new topic with their latest updates to co-pilot for Microsoft 365 they’re aiming to turn everyone into a prompt engineer so in the coming months co-pilot will get a new autocomplete feature essentially as you start typing a prompt co-pilot will suggest ways to make it better for example if you start with summarize it might offer to summarize your last 10 unread emails or other office related tasks but but that’s not all Microsoft is also working on a feature called elaborate your prompt this will basically rewrite your prompts to get the most out of co-pilot it’s perfect for when you know what you want co-pilot to do but you’re not sure how to phrase it for the best results Microsoft is revealing these new features alongside their annual work Trend index a joint Report with LinkedIn on how AI is being used in the workplace they surveyed a whopping 31,000 people across 31 countries and analyze data from LinkedIn and Microsoft 365 and get this 75% of people are already using AI at work that’s a huge number in fact 78% of AI users are bringing their own AI tools to the office rather than waiting for their companies to provide them Microsoft even talks about the rise of the AI power user did workers who have embraced AI to save time and reimagine their workflows these power users are apparently saving over 30 minutes per day compared to AI Skeptics of course it’s worth noting that this report comes as Microsoft is under pressure to show that their big investments in AI are paying off in their recent quarter AI Services contributed seven points to their 31% revenue growth in Azure and other cloud services still it’s clear that AI is becoming an increasingly important part of the modern workplace and with tools like co-pilot getting smarter and more userfriendly it’ll be fascinating to see how companies and workers continue to adapt and innovate in the age of AI all right don’t forget to hit that subscribe button for more updates thanks for tuning in and we’ll catch you in the next one

Upend, a new Canadian AI search platform, offers a unique service allowing users to select from 100 different AI models, including major names like OpenAI and Claude, promising affordability with plans as low as $5 for students. Microsoft’s updates to Copilot for Microsoft 365 are set to enhance user experience by suggesting prompt improvements and providing elaborate rewriting capabilities, integrating AI deeply into workplace productivity. These advancements indicate a significant shift in search technology and workplace integration, with AI becoming increasingly pivotal in reshaping how businesses operate and how information is accessed.

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