Introduction to JavaScript

This course introduces you to JavaScript, the most popular programming language for web development. You can also try the interactive version of the course here:

The course contains 14 lessons and 7 challenges. In the challenges, you’ll be encourage to jump into the code and get your hands dirty. This is both fun and great for making the knowledge stick.

⭐️Course Contents ⭐️

⌨️Data types
⌨️Variables (1:45)
⌨️Strings (4:11)
⌨️Numbers (11:37)
⌨️Booleans (16:41)
⌨️Arrays (20:23)
⌨️Objects (26:32)
⌨️Arithmetic operations (32:43)
⌨️Relational operations (34:31)
⌨️Increment & decrement (40:20)
⌨️If, else if, else (44:03)
⌨️Switch statements (50:22)
⌨️For loops (53:58)
⌨️While & Do While (57:30)
⌨️Functions (1:02:11)

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  1. Waseem Ahmed

    Before this video if you could add more description – from where to install and what it could lead , why should we learn it . It is too early directly starting coding if you could make additional 10 min video – telling about IDE environment etc would be great.

  2. Mark M

    Subbed. This has been really easy to follow. Sure I'll watch it again a few more times. Thanks.

  3. A AA

    Too bad the video quality does not allow you to see clearly what he is typing.

  4. Tackeled Gamer

    yeah i would learn from just 156436746468746465 hours of talking

  5. Joy

    maybe a very stupid question, but what kind of ide do you use for javascript?

  6. Kenneth Rougeau

    A lot of these new improved syntax methods are nifty, but still not in use in the places I'm trying to learn to code for, haha. Great to know all the same though! 🙂

  7. Innovation Inc.

    Fun Fact: If you name a item "null " In roblox it will bug out and not work because it can't handle it

  8. K L

    My goal is to build my own chess engine and I only have experience with Matlab from school, I found this tutorial very useful in explaining the java language.

  9. Ripple Nipples

    I Like you lil bro, keep it up! Been watching you for so long, feel like i know you. You've shared so much of your personal life as well as professional life, its hard not to get you. Either way. Thanks for everything you do to help others and yourself. You are important, you should feel important. I just drank a fifth of vodka dear me to drive? I named my daughter after you, we should be together….hahahaha, just fucking witcha. Peace! also, i gotchu on twitter, just added you.

  10. E. E G

    Please update with larger font or screen for cell phone viewing. Maybe a little slower with the details…for those noobs (me).
    Thanks to you and your colleagues for taking time to teach others 🖒 God bless 😇

  11. Suibhne Sweeney

    how do you get the console to run im using VScode but like i cant get a strait answer on how to make it so i get to see the result of 2 + 2 lol why is this so hard to do man i mean in python you just run the code np but js its like trying to draw blood from a rock

  12. Autumn Corona

    great video but if I can offer some constructive criticism, this video would have been much more enjoyable as a viewer if it was prepared better. this video could have been a first draft. there were a bunch of weird pauses and blunders that could have easily been edited out that we shouldn't have to have our time wasted over. it seems like there's too much burping. maybe stay away from the soda before doing voice recordings 😉

  13. Koils Natural

    Question anyone? Are curly brackets and regular brackets interchangeable? Just like you have the option to use single quotes or double quotes in a string?

    For example : 28:12 (why didn’t he use curly brackets for the cats names?)

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