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This video on Introduction to Matlab in 8 minutes will cover the basic concepts of Matlab like its definition, features, Advantages, and disadvantages of Matlab and usage with the career opportunities init. By the end of this video, you will understand Matlab, a high-level programing language, and the importance of learning it.

This video will cover the following.
00:00 Introduction
01:25 What is Matlab?
01:50 Features of Matlab
03:03 Advantages and disadvantages of Matlab
04:35 Usage of Matlab
06:06 Career opportunities of Matlab

▶ What is Matlab?
MATLAB is a software used for high-performance visualization, mathematical computation, and programming. MATLAB stands for “Matrix Laboratory,” as it was originally known as the matrix programming language.

▶Features of Matlab 💥
1.High-Level Language
2.Interactive environment
3.Handling graphics
4.Mathematical function library

▶Advantages and Disadvantages of Matlab🔥
➡Advantages 👍
1.Ease of use
2.Platform independence
3.Predefined Functions
4.Device-Independent Plotting
5.Graphical User Interface.

➡Disadvantages 👎
1.Interpreted language
2.The Cost

▶Career opportunities in Matlab👨‍💻
1.Data Scientist – Data science is a field that grows at lightning speed, and often uses Matlab in their work.The average salary for this position is ₹ 10.0 Lakhs in India and $145358 in the US.

2.Machine Learning Expert – Another new field heavily relies on Matlab is AI and machine learning. The average salary of a machine learning expert is ₹8,50006 in India and $1,36,396 in the US.

3.Control Systems Engineer – Control systems engineers design and implement various dynamic systems. The average salary for this position is 6.2 Lakhs in India and $97,955 per year in the US.

4.Computational Finance Specialist – Computational finance uses computer-based tools and techniques to solve practical problems related to finance. The average salary for this position is ₹7,06771 per year in India and $82,488 in the US.

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