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Ionic Notes App Tutorial (Mobile App Development)

Build a full-featured note taking app using the Ionic framework. Ionic is an open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development built on Angular.


Tutorial from Wes Doyle. Check out his channel for more great tutorials:

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  1. Robo-t-rex

    a ton of thanks. could you please tell me how to update from storage data?

  2. Amal De Silva

    hey i'm new to Ionic, can u explain why u define function like this "saveNote(note: {title: String})" ?

  3. Liz Bali-ong

    can i ask a question i have an error in note.service L3 , " storage " :3 the error said line are unused what should i do ?

  4. Sanjeet Singh

    Well done dude. Made it easy to follow and used all the best practises in programming world!

  5. Geraldo Isaaks

    Please update the tutorial as it doesn't work with the current version of ionic cli.

  6. Misael

    Thank you so much, great tutorial.

  7. Nixt

    Literary saved my life. Started doing my project at 11pm. But because of you, I finished it just in time for my 8am class. Thanks 🙂

  8. chloe lemm

    hi er i cant do the this.navCtrl.push() ,, like my push will come out as false … why?

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