iOS 16.3 – First Things TO DO After Updating !

iOS 16.3 first things to do. iOS 16.3 has been released with a few new features and changes. There are a few things you should do first on iOS 16.3

iOS 16.3 brings new features and changes to iOS. With all the new features of iOS 16.3 there are of course a few things you should do to ensure your device is running smoothly on iOS 16.3


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Intro 0:00
Automatic 0:35
Carrier 1:27
Apps 2:01
Beta 2:40
New wallpaper 3:28
Advanced protection 4:38
Keys 5:36
Recovery 6:27
Privacy 7:13
Reports 8:27
Emergency 9:32
Notifications 10:02
Battery 10:57


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  1. jeff osabel

    Please send help.. after I installed the ios 16.3, i encountered few issues and it concerns me a lot.
    1. Light and dark theme is not working anymore.
    2. I can lock my phone using the power button but it wont shutdown using the power button.
    3. My phone display is not acting normal

    Pls pls send help… badly need help

  2. Fred marashi

    I thought you said this update have lots of bugs!!! What’s the deal?

  3. Rick Rigoni

    Just updated my IPhone 12 Pro Max and all looks good.

  4. Em Dblyou

    So, same video as every other time there is a new update. Good job iReviews.

  5. mjsla

    No 16.3 for HomePod Mini and Apple TV today…where are they?

  6. bundang Diza

    Hello im a new user of iPhone and i tried to follow u but some i can't follow 😔 😔

  7. Livendi

    I'd like to see some other cultures have wallpapers like from the Mediterranean and middle east.

  8. Liiban Abdi

    But why your update showing 5.3gb my update is showing me only 435MB what is going on

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