iOS 16.3 is Out! – What's New?

iOS 16.3 Released to the Public and iOS 16.3 is out to everyone around the world at the same time. iOS 16 brings New Features, changes and updates with advanced data protection for everyone, FIDEO security key for Apple ID, HomePod updates, New Unity Wallpaper, and changes to Emergency SOS. iOS 16.3 also fixes the iPhone 14 Pro Max Lock Screen lines, freeform, Siri and more. In this video I show all the new changes in iOS 16.3 using the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. #iOS16 #Apple #iPhone

iOS 16 released along with watchOS 9.3, tvOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3, HomePodOS 16.3, macOS 13.2 Ventura, and iOS 15.7.3. In this video we provide in depth coverage of iOS 16.3. I hope you enjoy!

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00:00 – Everything New
00:05 – Supported iPhones
00:14 – Size
00:39 – Build number
00:49 – Should you remove the Beta Profile?
01:02 – New Features, Changes and Updates
03:21 – New Wallpaper
04:22 – HomePod Updates
06:10 – More iOS 16.3 Features
07:20 – Bug Fixes
09:25 – AirPods Bug
09:54 – Security Updates
10:16 – Should You Install iOS 16.3?
10:32 – Remaining Bugs
11:08 – iPhone 14 Camera Processing Issue
11:31 – Battery life
12:29 – Performance
13:21 – iOS 16.4 Beta 1
13:44 – iOS 17
14:17 – Conclusion

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This Post Has 28 Comments

  1. zollotech

    iOS 16.3 is finally here. Did you install it yet and what device are you using? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. Jairus de Leon

    The camera quality issue is NOT a bug as it is happening since Deep Fusion appeared. It is a feature think it “enhances” the photos but outright destroys them. Photographers are at the mercy of an AI. The only workaround is to use Lightroom and shoot in RAW and edit to your taste which is not ideal.

  3. Gorey

    Fix old bugs,and come with new bugs😂

  4. Del Rey 2020

    trash update , couldnt care less about black people wallpaper, couldnt care less about homepod, couldnt care less about freeform

  5. Saidur Chowdhury

    I notice the video player has reverted to the old iOS 15 style controls. Anyone else see this?

  6. Divyansh Soni

    Installed it and 16.3 is still buggy on lock screen it’s not working properly as it was before

  7. My HomePod Mini don’t update to 16.3. I checked on Apple website the latest version still be 16.2.

  8. Air Pod

    There are so many iOS reviewers, but I prefer your voice better 😅

  9. ahmed sayed

    I have used updated my money hone homepods mini but the temperature and humidity still not appeareon Homeapplication !

  10. Chris Gilson

    As always a professional and thorough presentation, much appreciated.
    Can I ask if the following happens to anyone else – Go to settings – click your name at the top – select Payment & Shipping. Prior to iOS 16 my phone opened the Music app before showing me the P&S info, since 16 it opens the App Store first. Anyone else experience this?

  11. Adrienne Ley

    What's the purple case in the background? Looks great!

  12. raven6681

    Battery status of the airpods pro 2 completely disappeared in 16.3 on the battery widget. Previously it would disappear once in a while but now it is completely gone (case+buds). If I open the lid, bud status will show for a while and sometimes the case as well, but after a second or two, both will disappear.
    EDIT: fixed by forgetting and resetting the airpods

  13. Piotr Turkiewicz

    Hello. Thank you. I’m using iPhone 13 with zoomed display and reduced motion and control center has a glitch when turning off. It’s stuck on the right top side for a second before disappearing…Also the design of control center with zoomed changed from ios15.7 and now has this big weird gap on the top…additionally in search “show recent “ doesn’t work and maps and google maps are closing in the background all the time….

  14. Tala dipstick

    Hope they fix the control center that can still access while phone is locked even you turned it off in the settings.

  15. Belko Gamene

    Just updated my iPhone and it still won’t show my AirPods Pro 2 case battery life

  16. GC

    Has it fixed the gapless playback in music?, 16.2 was terrible for this

  17. Dustin McCurdy

    I found a problem that I didn’t have on 16.2 that’s on 16.3 for both iOS & iPadOS. Every time I play certain videos synced to my iPhone it skips 5-10 seconds into the video automatically every time. Sometimes I can’t ever rewind it back it to the start it just starts at the same spot. Anyone experience this?

  18. naras

    How’s the battery life on 16.3?

  19. Dogukan Yilmaz

    My 14 Pro Max's maximum battery capacity has dropped to %97 after 2.5 months of using. Is that a normal?

  20. Pitsy1971

    Love the updates – but would you ever actually say – not much of an update really, not a lot to see here that's actually interesting!!! Find My Homepod – its plugged into the wall and doesn't move unless you move it??? what a total waste of an update – there is literally nothing new or exciting anymore with Apple…. they simply seem to have totally lost any "cool" If did not have a total Apple system – I would probably look at something else….

  21. Raven J.

    Anyone else’s Other Data Storage super high after updating?? Mines is at 60 GB! It was at 30 GB when on 16.2. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  22. Jeff Miracle

    I’m updating my 14 pro max but I cannot get live activity on my locks screens

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