iOS 16.3 – More Secure Than Ever

iOS 16.3 is out to everyone. Here are 5 reasons you will want to upgrade. #shorts


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  1. R3laxed Gam3r

    The Unity Apple Watch face is nice but not the most practical for quick time viewing.

  2. tayobibi

    What kind of security key are you using for your iPhone and where can I get one?

  3. Varvados

    Most important is new BLM wallpaper i cannot imagine using my phone without it

  4. Jay White

    I’m going to hold off upgrading to iOS 16.3 for a least few weeks I’m going to stay on iOS 16.2 in the meantime.

  5. Julie Balingit

    I want this for homescreen but cannot? Ig u want to get this for wallpaper need to be pair cannot be customize omg 😮

  6. Maddening Monk

    I love how all you need to know about the new update can be covered in under 30 seconds but yet here my dude made a 16 minute long video on it. Thats one Way to milk something so bad 💀 💀

  7. Staz

    I’m glad Apple is having a unity background I guess my people the Greeks and Italians didn’t do anything for humanity. Truly sad

  8. Al Vigil

    Can’t edit text messages with this new update.

  9. AlvisWuNYC

    I have update my old iPhone 11 to iOS 16.3 update 🙂

  10. أبو ليلى

    everyone has to go to the apple store and kneel with the new racist "unity" wallpaper

  11. Beauregard Slim

    Fido support is most welcome. I still have little faith in Apple's security after that login-as-root-with-no-password thing.

  12. GAMER87

    You are certainly right about that mate. iOS is now more secure than it’s ever been.
    But it won’t be anymore with iOS 17.

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