iOS 16.5 – Get Incredible Battery Life – 12 Key TIPS & TRICKS !

iOS 16.5 has been released with a few new features and changes and a lot of complaints on the battery life with this update.

In this video you can learn tips and tricks on how to get better battery life on the new iOS 16.5 update.


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Battery health drop 0:00
Update 2:00
Lock 2:42
Siri 3:22
Screen 4:20
Haptics 4:48
Activities 5:41
Cellular 6:31
Brightness 7:20
Dark 7:48
Background 8:27
Notifications 9:05
Location 9:53


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  1. Kevin Smith

    I like your wallpaper on your phone can you give me the link?

  2. Hmmmm

    Absolutely regret updating to 16.5. Completely ruined my battery life on 13 mini. Also, more bugs that I didn’t have. Updates r now a gimmick with iOS, imo.

  3. nifran sn

    After updating from 16.4.1 to 16.5, my battery screen on time has increased. I have an iPhone 14 Plus.

  4. Aditya Agarwal

    You just keep posting the same thing over and over again with different video title. Please post something new.


    same old shit my dude come on bro … lame

  6. Em Dub

    Dude, seriously, how many times are you gonna post the same video over and over? Come up with some new content. You’ve done so many of the same videos it’s amazing. I guess you’re desperate for the clicks.

  7. Chad G.

    Will Car Play still function normally if you turn off Always Listen for “Hey Siri”?

  8. Nmft

    Please drop the link of this wallpaper 0:33

  9. craqued

    All youtubers get good swot from every update 😂
    It’s just us the general users whose battery life is poor.
    They won’t admit. 😂

  10. Ry Sina

    I have already installed it, but it consumes a lot of battery power.😢

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