iOS 16.5 – This Is It!

iOS 16.5 This is It and iOS 16.6 – It Begins – iOS 16.5 Released to everyone this weekans iOS 16.6 Beta 1 is out for developers and public beta testers soon. iOS 16.5 brings some changes and features, but stable with a few bugs remaining and one new unexpected issue possibly leading to iOS 16.5.1 soon. In this video I show you stability, battery life, bugs, issues, and more using the M2 iPad Pro 12.9, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. #iOS16 #Apple #AirPodsPro #iPhone

This is also the Weekly iOS 16.5 Follow Up Review and iOS 16.6 Beta 1 (A Few Days Later ) and Follow Up Review where we go over the experience of the latest version of iOS. We also talk abut the latest Apple News, Rumors and Major App Updates along with when to expect iOS 17 supported devices, iOS 17 Features, iOS 16.6 Beta 1 Release, and the iOS 16.6 Public Release.

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00:00 – Everything New
00:30 – Apple Updates and Weekend News
01:03 – ChatGPT on iPhone
01:38 – Apple Digital ID
02:17 – New Exclusive AirPods Case
02:50 – Australia and Vietnam get new features
04:35 – Future Apple Products
05:41 – iOS 17
06:37 – iOS 16.5 Experience
07:20 – Apple Lightning to USB-3 Adapter problem
07:49 – iOS 16.5.1 Coming soon?
08:00 – Remaining Bugs
08:13 – iOS 16.5 Battery Life
09:29 – iOS 16.6 Beta 1 Experience
10:06 – iOS 16.6 Bugs
10:34 – Camera Bug
11:11 – Which iOS Version Should You Install?
11:27 – iOS 16.6 Battery
12:36 – Heat
12:52 – Comments
14:08 – iOS 16.6 Beta 2 Release
14:24 – iOS 17 Beta 1 Release
14:50 – Conclusion
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  1. zollotech

    How’s iOS 16.5 and iOS 16.6 Beta 1 for you? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. Cleorina

    My iPhone 14 Pro Max on 16.5 run well but found 1 weird bugs. on screen it say battery capacity currenly 85% but when i charging using Wired or Wireless it suddly show 75% so i don't know which to trust. only found this one bugs.

  3. Kitoy

    Aaron i've noticed faster battery drain on my 11, downgraded to 16.4.1

  4. RedRing_Of_Death

    My experience with 16.5 has been great. The first 48 hours after the update sucked as far as battery life (Because, you know, Apple things.), but now that it’s settled I’ve gained battery life. I will say Safari seemingly eats more battery than it used to though. All in all, great update.

  5. Tas Top

    I don’t know about others but on my 11 pro max with iOS 16.5 i have noticed a lot of synchronization problems with my air pods 2nd generation not to mention that the indications about the battery of airpods & case % still remains

  6. DMV Moolah

    With everyone in the comments going crazy about bugs I’ll just wait for the next update

  7. Maglia

    Where can i find the wallpapers you use in the videos ??

  8. Wilson Rosario

    This iOS version is garbage , battery life is just horrendously bad .

  9. iOS 16.5 running great so far on my still-immaculate deep purple iPhone 14 Pro Max. Battery life is better than previous iOS 16.x.x releases and no heat problems whatsoever. I run it on 5G Ultra Bandwidth all day long with no issues.

  10. Praveen peter

    I have heard a news that this update is affecting 13& 13pros , that screen issues are occurring is this true

  11. Jason Doolin

    Am I the only one who finds the prospect of iOS 16.6 releasing in June sus.. lol

  12. TECH_LINE023

    I lost almost 5% battery healt last night 1% today 4%

  13. Jett Angeles

    i keep to be having issues with apple music ever since i clean installed 16.5. the music connectivity drops randomly when connected to my car. it is not apple carplay, i am talking about regular bluetooth. i have an iphone 13 pro max.

  14. Brian Kappel

    I have not seen this issue. I have iPhone 11 my wife a mini 12. I have a GMC Yukon. Prior to this very latest update we would plug our phones into usb cable and plug in to the two ports on the dash. My wife noticed after about 15 minutes of driving the typical message had come up saying charging would continue after phone cools down. Never Ever had this issue with prior versions. We were not using. They were in the two cup holders.

  15. Alvaro Q.F

    Worth updating from iOS 15.7.1 on my iPhone X??? Thanks!

  16. SloppyChords

    Hopefully the wake up delay is gone with this one. It was something which happened only after leaving the phone locked for some time.

  17. misanthrope

    I must get a set of those AirPod cases, one for each day of the week.

  18. LUDAH

    😀i dont see any difference,apple would be doing too much of nothing.They should start being creative

  19. Robsa Walker

    Hey Aaron dunno if it's just me but Podcast app in CarPlay isn't fixed for me… it's actually EVEN WORSE! Didn't 't think that was possible but it often takes a couple of minutes to play a podcast episode. Very annoying! Just thought I'd let you know!

  20. Turf Surf

    And I still can’t change the grid size and turn off my GPS in the swip down.😢😢😢

  21. sammy

    Since Ininstalled all videos and photos I see like scanned…horrible…how to fix it?

  22. Emre Denen

    I lose internet connection on ios 16.5 randomly. It still connects to wifi but no internet. I have turn off and turn on the wifi again to reconnect.

  23. IHateUTubeAds

    Chat GPT is probably banned because they dont want employees to upload confidential stuff.

  24. hippocamp

    Hello, on my se2 voice over focus still jumps to the first item on the screen even after this update but does not seem to happen as often as it use to but defintely still a bug, thanks

  25. Martin Dessart

    iPhone 11 Pro here, I think my battery life dropped by 20% with 16.5 and phone warms up more quickly as well.

  26. Freak05

    May battery drop 2 percent with just a week after installing this f***kng 16.5 update

  27. NGS88

    Is anyone else experiencing problems with service, to the point you have to toggle airplane mode throughout the day?

  28. Pablo CSA

    Camera bug is so bad, what I see when I take pictures is so different from what I get.

  29. KillDeathRatio

    I had hopes that ios 16.5 would fix my batter drain issues on iPhone 12 pro (has 88% battery life left). But it did not. My phone with no change in use, gets to almost 30% or less before 5pm nowadays. off charger at 6am. I dont know what is going on but I think its time for a new battery.

  30. knightone57

    I won't pay a yearly fee for an app and have no use for final cut or logic.

  31. Harsh Raj

    My iPhone 11's battery lasts only 3 hours

  32. MartinKDA

    Had my first ever battery will continue to charge when iPhone temperature reduces notification yesterday on my iPhone 14 Pro. Never had that notification on 16.4 and down.

  33. Reymark Cabil

    There is a bug in Appstore where you write a review in on a specific app and the keyboard displays in landscape view.

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