iOS 16.5 – What You Might NOT Know!

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  1. LaJoker

    This update has given me the worst battery life since 16.2. Unlucky

  2. Dikshant Ranta

    After updating to 16.5, I’ve been seeing heating issue in my iP 13. Before updating my device never heated.

  3. Elexis Griffin

    Has anyone updated to watchOS 9.5 because I updated the other day and my watch calendar does not switch days anymore when I have it on the watch face complications. I have to restart my watch for the correct date to be displayed. For example, today my watch said it was Sunday May 21st which is not the correct date.

  4. nobrainerneeded

    Strange cos Safari for me seem worse of with loading websites. Loading times, if page is longer like in case of news websites, after few scrolls just white page appears.

  5. zebonaut smith

    Am I the only one who had an issue with the current iOS beta erasing my Mobile Drivers License? Anybody else heard of this issue?

  6. Joe Paige

    How are you determining battery performance???

  7. Melissa Daughtry

    I’ve updated my 13pro max and prior to the 16.5 software update I was receiving notifications ie. Text alerts and fb insta alerts etc) on my phone then a minute later alerts me on my Apple Watch which is newer as well and upgraded to the 9 software) now I am not receiving alerts on both my phone then watch its either or and this is of course while my phone isn’t being used it’s just laying on the counter. Has anyone else had this problem? All of my alert notifications are turned on

  8. Globe

    Hello, one month ago I bought a new IPhone 14 and I love it. The only issue I’ve come across is that, sometimes, out of nowhere when I’m typing the sound of the keyboard is VERY loud. It lasts a few seconds but gave me a couple scares… It disgusting. Anyone have a similar problem ?

  9. Paul Maric

    Useful video iDeviceHelp! I updated and always update my iphonne se 2020 to whatever the newest public ios is. It's always a good and safe idea to update your Apple device for bug/issue and app crash improvements and also over time, apps won't work unless you update to the most current ios.

  10. Dennis W

    I bet they fix that dongle bug pretty quickly

  11. Lowe Eklund

    never stop with what you doing man i just got my iphone 12 pro and you have make my phone a battery beast its take like a day to its die or two if its fully charge

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