iOS 16 HIDDEN Features You Need to Try – New Apple SECRETS !

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iOS 16 new hidden features. iOS 16 has a lot of new features but also has a lot of hidden features and tricks that are very useful.

With the release of iOS 16 there come a lot of new features and changes, but there are also a lot of iOS 16 hidden features that you should know.


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Intro 0:00
Attachments reminder 0:20
More on screenshot 1:28
On selected photos 2:09
Cancel close 3:01
Back to old wall 3:27
Swipe to wake screen 4:11
Sms tapback 4:58
Edit shuffle 5:27
Change wallpaper 6:09
Hourly forecast 6:40
Copy paste events 7:19
Island reachability 7:53
Tap dynamic island 8:29
Resize 8:54
Pull to refresh 9:28
Voice message 9:49


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  1. Alex Save

    Man keep doing the good stuff ! By the way where did you get an additional functions on your keyboard ?

  2. Heime101

    Tapping dynamic island isn’t a hidden feature neither are lots of these but ok.

  3. Cluckin' Bell

    Can you please tell me where to get the lion wallpaper that you have? Btw great video as usual 🙂 ❤

  4. Muaz

    I really like yours wallpaper on your lock screen with the red bird

  5. Xavier Abram

    You make some very helpful videos I’m new to iOS just switched over from android your videos really helped me out a lot

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