iOS 17.2 – 10 Incredible NEW Features!

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iOS 17.2 has some amazing new features, in fact this update is filled with new features and changes that will make your iOS 17 …


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  1. @0SIGMA

    Minute changes this time but meh! better than nothing!

  2. @catalin633

    wow you are milking the update to 17.2 with so many similar videos

    20 Cool NEW Features Coming to Your iPhone with iOS 17.2

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    iOS 17.2 – 10 Incredible NEW Features!

    I presume there will be more videos like:

    iOS 17.2 – Settings You MUST change Before You UPDATE
    iOS 17.2 – First Things to do after you UPDATE
    iOS 17.2 – Settings You MUST change After You UPDATE

  3. @vedanshchn

    My exactly one month iPhone 15 Pro Max which I mostly keep on Low Power mode and airplane mode and I mostly use my older XS Max for casual Instagram scrolling has reduced to 99% Battery Health in just 29 charge cycle and that’s crazy. It’s not even the June heat right now. My iPhone 12 stayed at 100% for almost 5 months and the 14 Pro stayed at 100% similarly.
    IDK wassup with iOS or this series..

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